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5-Minute iRules: What’s a URL?

On last week’s podcast, we riffed for a few on the common misunderstandings of what a URL versus a URI are in terms of writing iRules and communicating said development in the forums.  I had earlier in the day been looking at Prezi and got... Read more
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Shrink-Url – Use PowerShell To Shrink Your Urls

Shrinking your Url’s is all the rage nowadays.  If you are on Twitter, then odds are you have used one.  Despite CodingHorror’s distaste for them in his recent blog post on Url Shorteners: Destroying the Web since 2002, they are a fact... Read more
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The URL Shortener-SEO Cage Match

Making the case for a Hungarian Notation variation for URL hierarchies One of the top discussions out in the ether these days revolves around URL shortening. One of the reasons folks flock to URL shortening services like bit.ly and TinyURL is... Read more
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DevCentral Top5 04/03/2009

Having failed to coerce the calendar to allow the Top5 to fall on April 1st, I'll have to leave you without any gag comments, Rick Roll links, or otherwise. That's just as well though, since there's plenty of goodness on DevCentral to... Read more
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The Networking ABC's - A through Z

In yesterday's post, I finished up my Networking ABC's with the final post of Z.  For those of you who can't find my ABCs tag list on my blog, I figured I'd list them all for you in one place.  A is for AuthB is for... Read more
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The Networking ABC's - U is for URL

Today's letter in the networking ABC's is the letter "U".  UDP, UIE, and users are popular words for this letter, but I opted to a word that most folks use every day but don't necessarily know it.  If you open ... Read more
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