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A new day, a new dawn, a new…version

Happy Friday folks! I’m happy to report in that so far this morning I’ve been reading up on the latest version of LTM (10.2.1) that just got released, while rocking out to some (probably too loud) tunes, of course.  The new version is a dot... Read more
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Talking Microsoft Lync Server Availability and Scalability

Just wrapped up a great session with the F5/Microsoft team discussing Microsoft Lync Server and designing deployments for optimal availability and scale. As companies start to deal with the major wave of mobile/remote workers (in one report, IDC... Read more
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Some Days, A Reminder is all You Need.

My eldest son has been having car troubles. To be more direct, he needed a new car. We agreed to help him out financially, let him go do his shopping and comparing, and when he chose a car I took him to pick it up. He chose a used PT Cruiser t... Read more
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Talking Proxies

During the morning session, the group took a brief detour to hear about the history of the TMOS proxy architecture. Here, iRule architect and all-around guru "unRuley" (in red shirt) talks about TMOS and the infamous HudProxy. To his... Read more
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Like a Matrushka, WAN Optimization is Nested

WAN Optimization seeks to reduce the cost of transferring data over the WAN from one data center to another. This group of technologies has been around for a while, but with the advent of cloud computing, it is getting more attention than it has... Read more
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DevCentral Top5 01/22/2010

Wow! What a whirlwind it's been the past few weeks. Between holidays and vacation and people traveling out of town, it's been an absolute zoo around here. Though I've been out the past week or so there has been an avalanche of content.... Read more
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TMSH Is here – Your guide to command line dominance

Well, tmsh has been around for a while now, but the scriptable version and support for it here on DevCentral are relatively new. In fact, I just got the links to the parts of DevCentral last night, so that’s very new. I wrote about tmsh when it... Read more
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Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control Plug-in for BIG-IP LTM Beta

If you’re an OEM user and an F5 customer, we’ve got an updated version of the OEM Grid Control Plug-in for BIG-IP in beta testing right now. It’s been in limited beta for a while, but we wanted to make certain that both TMOS 9.x and 10.x were... Read more
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Cast Your Vote for Best iRule for the 2009 Contest

After reviewing the flood of entries (thank you ALL!) in 2009 contest, we’re ready for what I’ve been most excited about: your chance to select the winner of this year’s iRule. Do You? contest. If you want to skip the extra blabbering from me,... Read more
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v.10 – Application Security Manager (ASM) From iControl

We first introduced iControl interfaces for ASM in version 9 of LTM, and that support was about what you would expect from a first release – usable, but not expansive. With V10, we have stepped up the number of interfaces and the functionality... Read more
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Countdown to Interop: T minus 5

Today I begin my five day countdown to Interop 09.  I’m finalizing thoughts on presentation ideas, making lists of things to do both at work and around the house before flying down to Las Vegas on Monday for the show, and getting all of my... Read more
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v.10 - iSessions in the Cloud (or a remote data center, you choose)

Well, I’ve covered the basics of iSessions – a secure, optimized tunnel between two BIG-IPs – so now it’s time to talk about usefulness, both today and going forward. Since iSessions are an infrastructure issue, the following works for redundant... Read more
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DevCentral Top5 05/01/2009

From Web Accelerator to iRules to the release of the new Management Pack, this week's Top5 has it all. As always, there was plenty going on this week on DevCentral. These are my picks that you've just got to check out. Whether it's... Read more
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v.10 - iRules Content Recap

As you've no doubt seen by now, BIG-IP v10 has brought with it all kinds of powerful new features.  Among those are some very cool changes to iRules.  I've already talked about the new class command, the killer new after command... Read more
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v.10 - Introduction to iSessions

Amongst the wave of new features that came out in Version 10 of TMOS is a nifty little feature called iSessions. This being the first release of iSessions, there is a lot of curiosity and not as much documentation as we’d like yet. So I’ll walk... Read more
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DevCentral Top5 04/24/2009

Whether you're looking for the best bits of v10 coverage or how you can make SAP and your F5 devices work together, this week's Top5 has what you need. The v10 content just keeps on coming, with some great additions this week. It's... Read more
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DevCentral Top5 04/17/2009

Here we are, weeks after the announcement of BIG-IP v10, and the hits just keep on coming. It's been another busy, exciting week here in DevCentral-ville. There has been plenty going on to keep track of, and then some, so I'll try to... Read more
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v.10 – Testing Configurations

Note: If you’re here for Load Balancing for Developers or Reasons You Need File Virtualization (both iterated on my team page), I took this week and last off to cover v.10, check back next week. Forest, Trees… The new functionality in v.10 is so... Read more
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v.10 – Logical Volume Manager

One of the cool new items in v.10 is the use of a logical volume manager (LVM) to create and manage multiple “partitions”. This is the last time I will use the term “partition” to refer to v.10 disk space in this post, since partitioning was the... Read more
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DevCentral Top5 04/10/2009

It's an interesting relation that the more awesome, noteworthy content there is on DevCentral in a given week, the harder it is for me to narrow down what it is I want to call out in the Top5. That being said, this week is easily the toughest... Read more
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v.10 - New iControl Interfaces.

For those who missed it, we’re in the middle of the IT Revolution lead by our v.10 release of TMOS and our new 8900 model. Due to all the great stuff to talk about in the new version of TMOS, I have put off the Load Balancing for Developers and... Read more
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v.10 – Finding the Edge (so you don’t have to)

If you haven’t heard about about the revolution underway,  you’re not paying attention. To get a running update of the cool new features in v.10, check out the fresh new v.10 spotlight page. Otherwise, read on. Here at DevCentral, you can... Read more
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v.10 Has come to DevCentral

To accompany the big announcement happening on f5.com today, we're rolling out all kinds of new content on DevCentral as well.  We've got tech tips and blogs, forum posts and wiki entries...it's a veritable cornucopia of technical... Read more
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v.10 Power in the Shell – tmsh and You!

For a good long while, bigpipe has been the command line tool for use with BIG-IP products. It worked admirably, and has lasted a good long while, but as with everything that is vibrant and successful, BIG-IP outgrew bigpipe. Starting with v.10,... Read more
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