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Health Monitors for Exchange 2010

I was recently asked to develop health monitors on my 10.2.4HF3 LTMs for our Exchange 2010 environment. Two of the three monitors were a bit challenging, so I wanted to share what I developed.  The monitors have been sanitized to protect our... Read more
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Cookie Persistence and Troubleshooting

The BIG-IP persistence cookie is a valuable configuration option that allows stateful applications to remain persistent to a specific node with no additional configurations within the application or on the server(s) by doing something lik... Read more
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Dynamic Intelligent Application Delivery in a Distributed Environment–Part 2

Designing for Fine Grained Control and Monitor in a Load Balanced Environment – Gathering Information If you haven’t read Dynamic Intelligent Application Delivery Part 1, start there first, as this is not a standalone article and won’t make ... Read more
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Pacfiles R iRules?

by Bhattman @ gmail dot com   Pac Files are used throughout various companies to direct traffic out proxy systems but is not well understood by most and how it relates to F5 ADCs.  Hopefully this article can clear it up for you and giv... Read more
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iControl Development with BIG-IP LTM VE - Part 2

So now that we've got a vLTM installed and running, what can we do with it... There's a lot of examples out there of perl, python and Java. But not a lot of C...   I've also got an iPhone... Sadly we can't use my favourite... Read more
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iControl Development with BIG-IP LTM VE – Part 1

Introduction The LTM VE is a lifesaver when it comes to developing applications that use the iControl interface, or for development of iRules. My main (personal) use of it so far is the development of applications that use the iControl interface... Read more
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Citrix XenApp 5.0 Implementation Tips

I recently had the pleasure of working on a Citrix 5.0 implementation and I wanted to share a few things that I learned during that setup.  As many of you know, there are two deployment guides that have been made available by F5 Networks in... Read more
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