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Interop 2014: That’s a Wrap

I wrap it up from Interop 2014. Special thanks to Ken Bocchino and Joe Wojcik for some Interop NOC goodness, thanks to Tim Wagner for some Synthesis love and thanks to Natasha, Greg, Paul and Jay for their camera work. And of course, thanks to you... Read more
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Interop 2014: F5 Interop NOC Stats

We visit with Ken Bocchino and Joe Wojcik of F5 Professional Services again to get some insight on the Interop.net network stats for the week. We talk DNS (15 million DNS lookups, half via BIG-IP recursion), SPDY and IPv6 along with a little... Read more
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Interop 2014: F5 Synthesis Whiteboard (feat Wagner)

Synthesis in the Wild! Tim Wagner, Manager, Field Systems Engineering, shows how he whiteboards the F5 Synthesis story to help organizations understand the value of SDAS – Software Defined Application Services. He discusses SDN and how that works... Read more
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Interop 2014: F5 in the NOC (feat Bocchino & Wojcik)

Principal Services Architect, Ken Bocchino and F5 Consultant Joe Wojcik visit to show and tell us how F5 is integral to the Interop.net infrastructure – the world’s largest temporary network. Ken gives a brief whiteboard of the architecture, Joe... Read more
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Interop 2014: Find F5 Pop Up Edition

In a little twist for April 1, I welcome you to Interop 2014 with a fun Pop Up version of how to find F5 Booth 2227. Reporting from Mandalay Bay in Vegas! ps Related F5 YouTube Channel F5 at Interop Technorati Tags:... Read more
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Interop2013: The Video Outtakes

We had a few miscues along the way, far fewer than other shows, but none-the-less, here they are for your viewing pleasure.   ps Related: Interop2013: Find F5 Interop2013: DDoS'ing the Interop Network Interop2013: F5 Certification... Read more
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Interop2013: That's a Wrap

I wrap it up from Interop 2013. Special thanks to F5ers Ken Bocchino, Ken Salchow, Dan Kim, Sam Richman along with Christine, Courtney and Jeff for camera work. Also thanks to Brian Monkman of ICSA and Aaron Edwards of Big Switch Networks.... Read more
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Interop2013: DDoS'ing Interop Follow Up

I grab F5ers Ken Bocchino and Sam Richman to talk about DDoS’ing the Interop Infrastructure, the F5 gear used to protect the network and some of the mind blowing stats gathered over the last couple days of running Interop Net.   ps Related: ... Read more
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Interop2013: Partner Spotlight – ICSA Labs

I catch up with Brian Monkman, ICSA Perimeter Security Program Manager, to discuss certifications and testing along with how ICSA is adjusting some of their testing methodology to match some of the changes occurring in the industry…like... Read more
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Interop2013: Partner Spotlight - Big Switch Networks

Earlier this week, F5 and Big Switch Networks announced a joint solution that brings together F5 BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager (LTM), F5 iApps functionality, and the Big Virtual Switch network virtualization application. I meet with Aaron Edwards,... Read more
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Interop2013: DDoS'ing Interop

For the 3rd year in a row F5 has a key role in the Interop NOC and this year we are showing how the F5 Application Delivery Firewall solution can protect against a DDoS attack against the Interop infrastructure. Ken Bocchino, Sr Consultant with F5... Read more
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Pulse2013 – That’s a Wrap

I wrap it up from the #IBMPulse 2013 conference from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Special thanks to Ron Carovano for the invite along with Nojan Moshiri for showing the integration between BIG-IP ASM and IBM’s InfoSphere Guardium along with showing... Read more
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Automation Is Not Your Enemy.

Sun Tzu wrote that you cannot win if you do not know your enemy and yourself. In his sense, he was talking about knowing your army and its capabilities, but this rule seriously applies to nearly every endeavor, and certainly every competitiv... Read more
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Useful Cloud Advice, Part Two. Applications

This is the second part of this series talking about things you need to consider, and where cloud usage makes sense given the current state of cloud evolution. The first one, Cloud Storage, can be found here. The point of the series is to help you... Read more
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In Times Of Change, IT Can Lead, Follow, Or Get Out of the Way.

Information Technology – geeks like you and I – have been responsible for an amazing transformation of business over the last thirty or forty years. The systems that have been put into place since computers became standard fare for businesses hav... Read more
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Load Balancing For Developers: Security and TCP Optimizations

It has been a while since I wrote a Load Balancing for Developers installment, and since they’re pretty popular and there’s still a lot about Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs) that are taken for granted in the Networking industry but... Read more
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Mounting Offline VM Drives

Most of the files I use in my virtual desktop environment are centrally located in a share I make accessible to the host and all the guests for ease of transfer between them.  However, there is one guest I keep fairly isolated for security... Read more
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