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It's All About The 12s: B4450 vCMP Guest Support Adds New Guest Options

The recent release of version 13.0 enabled a capability on the B4450 which had been dormant up until now: vCMP support. With 13.0, running up to 12 guests per blade is now supported, yielding 96 guests in an 8-slot chassis, the C4800... Read more
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Lightboard Lessons: Intro to VIPRION

The F5 BIG-IP platform has tremendous flexibility, offering virtual editions and a line of appliances and chassis. In this episode of Lightboard Lessons, we’ll introduce the chassis platform, which we call VIPRION. What else would you like us to... Read more
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このたび、F5ネットワークスジャパン株式会社は、F5 Synthesisアーキテクチャモデルの恩恵を増大する新製品、Viprionシリーズの新モデル、2スロット式小型シャーシであるC2200を発表いたしました。C2200は、従来のミッドレンジであるC2400、上位モデルのC4480、フラッグシップのC4800に加え、小型で省スペース、お求めやすい価格設定で従来と変わらない機能をお届けします。 主なキーポイントは以下の通りです。 ... Read more
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RSA 2014 Customer Spotlight: CARFAX

With the hum of a VIPRION as a backdrop, Chris Thomas, Network Manager for CARFAX, stops by F5's RSA booth to talk about how CARFAX uses BIG-IP to secure their data, consolidate their infrastructure, and helps Chris sleep at night. CARFAX is... Read more
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Bare Metal Blog: Maximized Capacity

#f5 #BareMetalBlog Use the capacity you’ve already purchased – fill the chassis instead of buying new hardware. When you purchase a high-end storage array, it is not generally advised that you half fill the racks and then forget about it... Read more
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F5 Friday: Are You One of the 61 Percent?

#centaur #40GBE #cloud That’s those that “are still not fully confident in their network infrastructure’s preparedness” for cloud … Throughout the evolution of computing the bus speed, i.e. interconnects, between various components on the... Read more
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The Real News is Not that Facebook Serves Up 1 Trillion Pages a Month…

It’s how much load that really generates and how it scales to meet the challenge. There’s some amount of debate whether Facebook really crossed over the one trillion page view per month threshold. While one report says it did, another... Read more
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F5 Friday: The Data Center is Always Greener on the Other Side of the ADC

Organizations interested in greening their data centers (both green as in cash as well as in grass) will benefit from the ability to reduce, reuse and recycle in just 4Us of rack space with a leaner, greener F5 VIPRION According to the latest... Read more
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Ixia Xcellon-Ultra XT-80 validates F5 Network's VIPRION 2400 SSL Performance

Courtesy IxiaTested YouTube ChannelRyan Kearny, VP of Product Development at F5 Networks, explains how Ixia's Xcellon-Ultra XT80, high-density application performance platform was is used to test and verify the performance limits of the... Read more
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Interop 2011 - TMCNet Interview

This time I’m on the other side as Rich Tehrani, CEO of TMCnet, interviews me at Interop.  We talk about the VIPRION 2400, vCMP, F5 in the Interop NOC, BIG-IP as a strategic point of control and some other market... Read more
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F5 Friday: Speeds, Feeds and Boats

#vcmp It’s great to be fast and furious, but if your infrastructure handles like a boat you won’t be able to take advantage of its performance   We recently joined the land of modernity when I had a wild urge to acquire a Wii. Any game... Read more
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Interop 2011 - IXIA and VIPRION 2400 Performance Test

I drop by the IXIA booth and Sashi Jeyaretnam, Product Manager with IXIA, demos the performance test validating the VIPRION 2400 ADC's performance numbers - 200,000 TPS, 160 Gbps application traffic throughput and 2 million http connections... Read more
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Mobile data - Where does it go?

I was excited to see our press release coverage today about F5 Networks and Bytemobile's ability to scale T-Mobile's 3G Network Capacity with our VIPRION product.  The article mentions the "explosive" growth of data  on... Read more
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Building an elastic environment requires elastic infrastructure

One of the reasons behind some folks pushing for infrastructure as virtual appliances is the on-demand nature of a virtualized environment. When network and application delivery infrastructure hits capacity in terms of throughput - regardless of... Read more
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The First VIPRION Review

This just came across the wire:  The UK based website ITPRO just published the first public review of F5's VIPRION On-Demand Application Delivery Controller.  Let's see how it fared: Rating: 5 out of 6 stars Price: £83000... Read more
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What's in a name?

Apparently quite a bit if it can be turned into an acronym... Quick. Say the acronym "ROC" out loud. Now choose the picture that immediately came to your mind. A ... Read more
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iControl SDK v9.6.0 is here

It's been a while since the last version of the SDK has been released and it looks like it's that time again. So, whip out your zip program, and head on over to the iControl downloads page and be the first one on your block to get you... Read more
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VIPRION - Blown Away

A few weeks ago I blogged about a new search kid in town. Well, the F5 town is getting a little bit bigger every day! You have have noticed our subtle blog posts these past few weeks. Lori kicked it off with her "Imagine" posts o... Read more
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Imagine No More

It's been a month of imagining a lot of changes in the way we think about application delivery networks. Imagining unmatched performance, manageability of a system that's both green as in cash as well as in grass, and intelligence... Read more
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