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VMworld 2011: VMworld Wrap Up

I wrap up a great F5 week at VMworld 2011.  Special thanks to: Alan Murphy, Ron Carovano, Charlie Cano, Paul Pindell, Michael Koyfman of F5; Sanjay Aiyagari of VMware and a special Mahalo to the the VMware Hands-on lab NOC team and all the... Read more
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VMworld 2011: VMworld Hands-On Lab

We visit the VMworld Hands-on Lab, get a view of the Network Operations Center (NOC) and visit with Paul Pindell, F5 Sr. Solution Engineer, to get a 'backstage' view of how BIG-IP helps deliver the VM's to all the lab... Read more
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VMworld 2011: Interview with Ron Carovano

I interview Sr. Business Development Manager, Ron Carovano at VMworld.  Ron talks about the strategic importance of the F5/VMware relationship, hot topics at the show and other observations. </p>... Read more
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CloudFucius Asks: Will Open Source Open Doors for Cloud Computing?

There has been a lot of press already about OpenStack’s announcement yesterday about their new open source cloud computing software.  OpenStack says that the goal is, ‘to allow any organization to create and offer cloud computing capabilitie... Read more
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CloudFucius Dials Up the Cloud

According to IDC, the worldwide mobile worker population is set to increase from 919.4 million in 2008, accounting for 29% of the worldwide workforce, to 1.19 billion in 2013, accounting for 34.9% of the workforce.  The United States has th... Read more
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CloudFucius Hollers: Read All About, F5’s On-Demand IT

Yesterday F5 announced a holistic approach to enable a common cloud architectural model—regardless of where IT resources actually reside.  Unifying Application Delivery, Access Control and Optimization to the cloud along with ongoing... Read more
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CloudFucius Says: AAA Important to the Cloud

While companies certainly see a business benefit to a pay-as-you-go model for computing resources, security concerns seem always to appear at the top of surveys regarding cloud computing. These concerns include authentication, authorization... Read more
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CloudFucius Says: Blog Series, Good Idea

Last year I wrote a blog series called, ‘26 Short Topics About Security’ covering an alphabet soup of stories.   It seemed to be well received and this year I’ve decided to do another – this time focused on Cloud Computing wit... Read more
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Cybercrime, the Easy Way

The Dummies series is a great collection of ‘How to’ instructions on a wide array of topics and while they have not published a ‘Cybercrime for Dummies®’ booklet (and don’t think they will), DYI Cybercrime Kits are helping drive Internet... Read more
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Virtualization is Real

I remember back-in-the-day when Virtual meant ‘almost,’ ‘simulated’ or ‘in essence’ as in, ‘I’m virtually there.’  Today, as it has made it’s way into computer terminology, it can mean actual or real things that are done over computers.&#160... Read more
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Dynamic Infrastructure: The Cloud within the Cloud

When folks are asked to define the cloud they invariably, somewhere in the definition, bring up the point that “users shouldn’t care” about the actual implementation. When asked to diagram a cloud environment we end up with two clouds: one... Read more
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