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Sessions, Sessions Everywhere

If you’re replicating session state across application servers you probably need to rethink your strategy. There’s other options – more efficient options – than wasting RAM and, ultimately, money.   Although the discussion of Oracle’s... Read more
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Data Center Feng Shui: SSL

Like most architectural decisions the choice between hardware and virtual server are not mutually exclusive. The argument goes a little something like this: The increases in raw compute power available in general purpose hardware eliminates the... Read more
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F5 Friday: The Rules for the Game of Application Performance Tag

It’s an integration thing. One of the advantages of deploying an application delivery controller (ADC) instead of a regular old Load balancer is that it is programmable – or at least it is if it’s an F5 BIG-IP. That means you have some measure... Read more
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The Goldfish Effect

When you combine virtualization with auto-scaling without implementing proper controls you run the risk of scaling yourself silly or worse – broke. You virtualized your applications. You set up an architecture that supports auto-scaling... Read more
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Square Infrastructure Pegs Don’t Fit in Round Network Holes

Ultimately a highly-scalable, high-performance architecture will rely on choosing the right form factor in the right places at the right time. Scale is not just about servers, and for corporate data centers and cloud computing providers looking... Read more
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