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SuperSizing the Data Center: Big Data and Jumbo Frames

#centaur #40GBE Data center transformation discussions too often overlook the impact on the network – and its necessary transformation. For many of the same reasons IPv6 migration is moving slower than perhaps it should given the urgent need for... Read more
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VMworld 2011: VMworld Wrap Up

I wrap up a great F5 week at VMworld 2011.  Special thanks to: Alan Murphy, Ron Carovano, Charlie Cano, Paul Pindell, Michael Koyfman of F5; Sanjay Aiyagari of VMware and a special Mahalo to the the VMware Hands-on lab NOC team and all the... Read more
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VMworld 2011: Interview with Ron Carovano

I interview Sr. Business Development Manager, Ron Carovano at VMworld.  Ron talks about the strategic importance of the F5/VMware relationship, hot topics at the show and other observations. </p>... Read more
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VMworld 2011: Multi-Site Application Deployment with vSphere & vCloud Director

I get F5's Sr. Solution Architect, Charlie Cano, to whiteboard the solution for Multi-Site Application Deployment with vSphere & vCloud Director.  See how applications can be packaged once and delivered from any data center and how... Read more
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VMworld 2011: VDI Single Namespace

I chat with F5 Technical Marketing Manager Alan Murphy who whiteboards the VDI Single Namespace solution.  Instead of having to find your virtual desktop, have your virtual desktop follow you. <font... Read more
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VMworld 2011: Interview with VMware’s Sanjay Aiyagari

I interview Sanjay Aiyagari, Senior Partner Architect with VMware.  We discuss the growth of VMworld, cloud computing, scalability, and Metro vMotion. ps Related: VMworld 2011: Find F5 Networks VMworld 2011: Sign Up for F5's... Read more
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Improving WAN VM transfer Speed with NetApp Flexcache and F5 BIG-IP WOM

That’s a mouthful, but this is just a quick blog to point you at the actual blog I guest wrote for our F5 Fridays series. In short, we’ve been toying with F5 BIG-IP WOM in the labs as a performance and distance enhancement tool for VMWar... Read more
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F5 Friday: Efficient Long Distance Transfer of VMs with F5 BIG-IP WOM and NetApp Flexcache

BIG-IP WOM and NetApp Flexcache speed movement of your VMs across the WAN.   One of the major obstacles to the concept of cloud computing and “on-demand” is implementing the “on-demand” piece of the equation. Virtualization in theory... Read more
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VMworld2010 Customer Spotlight: SpringCM

Peter Silva chats with Chris King, Director of Infrastructure & Application Delivery for SpringCM. He talks about their rapid growth and the need to provide customers with the best possible application performance while keeping costs low. The... Read more
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VMworld2010: VMsolutions Whiteboard with Alan Murphy

Peter Silva re-visits F5's Alan Murphy, to go deeper into F5's integration with VMware's VMView and vCloud Director. Read more
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VMworld2010: Interview with Phil de la Motte

Peter Silva talks with F5's Phil de la Motte, Sr. Business Development Manager, about our partnership with VMware, support for VMview, vCloud Director and vSphere along with some cloud trends he's seeing. Poor audio quality but will fix... Read more
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CloudFucius Goes Off…to VMworld

The collective we (F5 Networks) will be at Moscone Center in San Francisco next week for VMworld 2010.  If you are in town and attending, visit F5’s booth #1131.  We’ll have giveaways, demos, exciting announcements, video interviews an... Read more
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F5 Friday: Seconds Too Late and More Than a Few Bytes Short

Correcting some misperceptions regarding ADCs, virtualization, and the use of Cisco as the definitive yardstick for measuring the ADC market A recent article penned by analyst Jim Metzler asks “Can application delivery controllers support... Read more
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CloudFucius Dials Up the Cloud

According to IDC, the worldwide mobile worker population is set to increase from 919.4 million in 2008, accounting for 29% of the worldwide workforce, to 1.19 billion in 2013, accounting for 34.9% of the workforce.  The United States has th... Read more
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F5 Long Distance VMotion Solution Demo

Watch how F5's WAN Optimization enables long distance VMotion migration between data centers over the WAN. This solution can be automated and orchestrated and preserves user sessions/active user connections allowing seamless migration. Erick... Read more
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Introducing: Long Distance VMotion with VMWare

It seems like I blinked and 2009 went by, but in that time I've been working on so many interesting projects at F5, I have a backlog of information to share with the community.  The first post this year is about the long distance VMotion... Read more
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Migrate a live application across clouds with no downtime? Sure, no problem.

F5 and VMware demonstrate live migration of a virtualized application across clouds without downtime or user disruption Cloud is reaching the peak of possibilities and that (often) means just more paper solutions. You know the ones; the ones... Read more
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Moving VMs to Find The Traffic: Constant “Road Work(load) Ahead”?

Lori and are on the sharing wavelengths today (well, except for ideas on remote vs. local software testing, but we can’t always agree on everything, right?  ;) ).  She hit the app side, so here’s a take on the virtual platform side. I... Read more
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