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Snippet #7: OWASP Useful HTTP Headers

If you develop and deploy web applications then security is on your mind.  When I want to understand a web security topic I go to OWASP.org, a community dedicated to enabling the world to create trustworthy web applications. One of my... Read more
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APAC market research points to WAF being integrated with application delivery

We entered 2014 on a fillip. Frost & Sullivan had just named us the vendor leading WAF market in Asia Pacific and Japan. The Frost Industry Quotient, put F5 and nine other companies under their analytical magnifying glass, examining our mark... Read more
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Even the best written code has a weakness.

Developers are a great lot of folks, people who spend their day trying to do the impossible with bits for a customer base that is, by and large, impossible to satisfy. When the bits all line up correctly, the last line of code has been checked in... Read more
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Lots of Little Virtual Web Applications Scale Out Better than Scaling Up

Surprised? I was, but I shouldn’t have been. While working on other topics I ran across an interesting slide in a presentation given by Microsoft at TechEd Europe 2009 on virtualization and Exchange. Specifically the presenter called out the... Read more
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I Found the Missing Piece of the Virtualization Puzzle

Nope. Wasn’t under the couch. In fact it turns out it wasn’t even missing, it’s just been overlooked and might already be in your data center. As more organizations continue to make virtualization a core part of their overall application... Read more
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You want what? To run where? Without THAT?

The February issue of Dr. Dobb's has a lot of articles about cloud computing. That's not surprising, cloud computing is very much on the minds of many folks these days and it does affect developers as much as (if not more than) most IT... Read more
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The Fix Must Occur by Rewriting the Code. Wait, What?

This article is just full of interesting ideas. First we're told that the only way to secure Web 2.0/SOA/Web applications is to rewrite the code. This "rewrite the application code" to address any number of delivery issues -... Read more
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