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These Are Not The Scrapes You're Looking For - Session Anomalies

In my first article in this series, I discussed web scraping -- what it is, why people do it, and why it could be harmful.  My second article outlined the details of bot detection and how the ASM blocks against these pesky littl... Read more
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More Web Scraping - Bot Detection

In my last article, I discussed the issue of web scraping and why it could be a problem for many individuals and/or companies.  In this article, we will dive into some of the technical details regarding bots and how the BIG-IP Application... Read more
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Web Scraping - Data Collection or Illegal Activity?

Web Scraping Defined   We've all heard the term "web scraping" but what is this thing and why should we really care about it?  Web scraping refers to an application that is programmed to simulate human web surfing b... Read more
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DevCentral Architecture

Everyone has surely (don’t call me Shirley!) at least been exposed to THE CLOUD by now.  Whether it’s the—I’ll go with interesting—“to the cloud!” commercials or down in the nuts and bolts of hypervisors and programmatic interfaces for... Read more
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Automagic Vulnerability Scanner Integration: Cenzic Style!

Welcome to the future!  Hoverboards for all,  new clear cola, skateboarding monkeys, and integrat... Read more
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F5 Security on Owasp Top 10: Injections

->Part of the F5/Owasp Top Ten Series    At the top of the  Owasp list is Injections. Their definition is “Injection flaws, such as SQL, OS, and LDAP injection, occur when untrusted data is sent to an interpreter as part of ... Read more
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F5 Security on Owasp Top 10

Everyone is familiar with the Owasp Top 10. Below, you will find some notes on the Top 10, as well as ways to mitigate these potential threats to your environment.  You can... Read more
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APM Session Invalidation Using ASM

Introduction: Whenever customers expose their internal resources on the Web using VPNs or SSL VPNS there is still some concern over what type of traffic comes through the connection. In order to assist with these concerns we can provide a combine... Read more
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Getting Started with Splunk for F5

Pete Silva & Lori MacVittie both had blog posts last week featuring the F5 Application for Splunk, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to get Splunk installed and check it out.  In this first part, I’ll cover the installation process... Read more
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Restful Access to BIG-IP Subtables

Surely by now you have tasted the goodness that is tables.  No?  Stop now and go read up on the table command.  No, really, right now!  I’ll wait… OK, now that you are a tables expert, it’s clear to you that this is ver... Read more
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Heatmaps, iRules Style: Part2

Last week I talked about generating a heat map 100% via iRules, thanks to the geolocation magic in LTM systems, and the good people over at Google letting us use their charting API. This was an outstanding way to visualize the the traffic comin... Read more
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BIG-IP Logging and Reporting Toolkit – part four

So far we’ve covered the initial problem, the players involved and one in-depth analysis of one of the options (splunk). Next let’s dig into Q1labs’ Qradar offering.  The first thing you’ll need to do, just like last time, is make sure you... Read more
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BIG-IP Logging and Reporting Toolkit - part one

Joe Malek, one of the many awesome engineers here at F5, took it upon himself to delve deeply into a very interesting but often unsung part of the BIG-IP advanced configuration world: logging and reporting. It’s my great pleasure to get to share... Read more
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New Geolocation Capabilities in v10.1

With the BIG-IP GTM and 3-DNS products, location-based service has existed in the form of topology-based load balancing.  The possibilities grow exponentially in v10.1, as you now have the capabilities in GTM and LTM.  In this tech tip... Read more
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PHP Twitter Bot for BIG-IP

Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NON... Read more
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Composites and Mashups and Processes, Oh My!

By Lori  MacVittie In the increasingly buzzword compliant world of SOA and Web 2.0 it is inevitable that you have, or will, come across three of the industries’ favorite terms: composites, mashups, and processes. These terms represent... Read more
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Tech Tip: Intro to iControl Information Mining

Introduction Any large development library has some choices to make about implementation, and iControl is no exception. A library is designed to give others access to routines that you have written (in our case, BIG-IP interfaces), and when the... Read more
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The Minimum Steps to utilize KSOAP2

kSOAP is a lightweight access library for web services. Designed with hand-held devices in mind, it's light and easy to use, but documentation and samples for the project is lacking. YOu can download the kSOAP libraries and JavaDoc... Read more
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WebAccelerator Quickstart Guide

Configuring the Web Accelerator Module Using the WebAccelerator Module should be viewed as adding a complex profile to an HTTP/S Virtual Server.  This profile is added by creating a WebAccelerator enabled class and assigning it as a resource... Read more
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