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Knowing is Half the Battle

There’s a difference between automation and orchestration, and knowing which one you’re really doing is half the battle in achieving a truly dynamic data center. Randy Heffner on CIO.Com wrote an excellent article on SOA and its value, “SOA:... Read more
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Confession: I love Flex, but we're parting ways in 40 or so days

Over the holidays I did, as most folks I suspect, things I enjoy doing. For me, one of those things was playing around with Adobe's Flex using Flex Builder 3. Yes, I am that much of a geek. I was a bit concerned it would take some time to... Read more
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Cloud Computing: Will data integration be its Achilles Heel?

Wesley:  Now, there may be problems once our app is in the cloud. Inigo:  I'll say.  How do I find the data?  Once I do, how do I integrate it with the other apps?  Once I integrate it, how do I replicate it?If... Read more
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The death of SOA has been greatly exaggerated

Amidst the hype of cloud computing and virtualization have been the publication of several research notes regarding SOA. Adoption, they say, is slowing. Oh noes! Break out the generators, stock up on water and canned food! An article fro... Read more
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Multicore: The RogueWave Option

It is truly intriguing when you delve into the whole multicore problem that you find different companies have taken such wildly different approaches to solving the problem and avoiding the pitfalls inherent in parallelism. RogueWave has decades of... Read more
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Automating scalability and high availability services

There are a lot of SOA governance solutions out there that fall into two distinct categories of purpose: one is to catalog services and associated security policies and the other is to provide run-time management for services, including... Read more
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SOA What?

David Bressler of Progress Software, who acquired SOA vendor Actional in January 2006 wrote a very thought provoking post on marketing that really ended up being a post about SOA and where Progress fits into the "SOA continuum". He... Read more
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Interactive F5 SOA Reference Architecture

I do an awful lot of talking about SOA: problems, challenges, concepts, solutions, security, products. But I don't often present "the big picture", and certainly rarely discuss how F5 and SOA go together like ice-cream a... Read more
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What is iControl? And more importantly, what can I do with it?

Over the past three weeks Don and I have had a lot of time to chat whilst making the trek back and forth between home and the hospital where the newest member of our family was keeping residence. Mostly we talked about our new son and speculating... Read more
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iControl SDK v9.6.0 is here

It's been a while since the last version of the SDK has been released and it looks like it's that time again. So, whip out your zip program, and head on over to the iControl downloads page and be the first one on your block to get you... Read more
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