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WILS: The Many Faces of TCP

#fasterapp Veno. Hybla. CTCP. HSTCP. Fast TCP. Not familiar with these variants? Read on… Anyone who’s involved with web application performance – either measuring or addressing – knows there are literally hundreds of RFCs designed to improve... Read more
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WILS: Content (Application) Switching is like VLANs for HTTP

We focus a lot on encouraging developers to get more “ops” oriented, but seem to have forgotten networking pros also need to get more “apps” oriented. Most networking professionals know their relevant protocols, the ones they work with day in... Read more
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WILS: Load Balancing and Ephemeral Port Exhaustion

Understanding the relationship between SNAT and connection limitations in full proxy intermediaries. If you’ve previously delved into the world of SNAT (which is becoming increasingly important in large-scale implementations, such as those in... Read more
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WILS: Layer 7 (Protocol) versus Layer 7 (Application)

The problem with HTTP (okay, one of the problems with HTTP, happy now?) is that it resides at the top of the “stack” regardless of whether we identify the “stack” as based  upon the TCP/IP stack or the OSI model stack. In either case, HTTP... Read more
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WILS: A Good Hall Monitor Actually Checks the Hall Pass

Are you monitoring the network, servers, stack, or the application? The answer may mean the difference between your application being available or not. One of the biggest problems with moving away from simple load balancing to application... Read more
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WILS: Network Load Balancing versus Application Load Balancing

Are you load balancing servers or applications? Network traffic or application requests? If your strategy to application availability is network-based you might need a change in direction (up the stack).   ... Read more
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WILS: Application Acceleration versus Optimization

Why do application delivery vendors talk about both? Aren’t they the same thing? In general, acceleration implies that something will be done to the application: caching, compression, etc… The actual behavior of the application is changed such... Read more
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