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WILS: Moore’s Law + Application (Un)Scalability = Virtualization

#Virtualization was inevitable. One of the interesting side effects of having been a developer before migrating to a more network-focused view of the world* is it’s easier to understand the limitations and constraints posed on networking-based... Read more
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WILS: Virtualization, Clustering, and Disaster Recovery

#virtualization Clustering is local. Disaster recovery is global. There are two levels of reliability for an application. There’s local and there’s global. We might want to consider it more simply as “inside” and “outside” reliability. ... Read more
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WILS: Content (Application) Switching is like VLANs for HTTP

We focus a lot on encouraging developers to get more “ops” oriented, but seem to have forgotten networking pros also need to get more “apps” oriented. Most networking professionals know their relevant protocols, the ones they work with day in... Read more
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WILS: The Importance of DTLS to Successful VDI

One of the universal truths about user adoption is that if performance degrades, they will kick and scream and ultimately destroy your project. Most VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) solutions today still make use of traditional... Read more
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WILS: Load Balancing and Ephemeral Port Exhaustion

Understanding the relationship between SNAT and connection limitations in full proxy intermediaries. If you’ve previously delved into the world of SNAT (which is becoming increasingly important in large-scale implementations, such as those in... Read more
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WILS: Three Ways To Better Utilize Resources In Any Data Center

Cloud computing is, at its core, about using resources in the most operational and financially efficient manner possible. It’s about spreading resources around and sharing them to achieve greater scalability with fewer investments in hardware and... Read more
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WILS: Automation versus Orchestration

Infrastructure 2.0 is not just about automation, but rather is about the orchestration of processes, which are actually two different things: the former is little more than advanced scripting, the latter requires participation and decision making... Read more
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WILS: Cloud Changes How But Not What

Cloud changes how we deliver applications but we’re still delivering applications With all the hype around cloud it’s easy to get caught up in deployment models and architectures and how much money it is/is not going to save us and, of course,... Read more
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WILS: Applications Should Be Like Sith Lords

When you’re thinking about deploying an application it would be good to remember Yoda’s words regarding the Sith: Always two there are, a master and an apprentice. ALWAYS TWO THERE ARE Like Sith Lords, there should always be two... Read more
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