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Oracle OpenWorld 2012: BIG-IP Optimizing Oracle GoldenGate

I interview F5 Product Manager, Dawn Parzych, to learn more about F5's Optimization Solutions for Oracle GoldenGate replication software and how BIG-IP WOM can greatly reduce bandwidth and significantly improve throughput performance by... Read more
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F5 ... Wednesday: Bye Bye Branch Office Blues

#virtualization #VDI Unifying desktop management across multiple branch offices is good for performance – and operational sanity. When you walk into your local bank, or local retail outlet, or one of the Starbucks in Chicago O'Hare,... Read more
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Long Distance Live Partition Mobility– A tale of collaboration

F5 Networks and IBM continue the long tradition of collaboration with the latest supported solution of Long Distance Live Partition Mobility. F5 worked closely with IBM to further prefect IBM Virtual I/O’s technology to better support Long... Read more
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In the Cloud, It's the Little Things That Get You. Here are nine of them.

#F5 Eight things you need to consider very carefully when moving apps to the cloud. Moving to a model that utilizes the cloud is a huge proposition. You can throw some applications out there without looking back – if they have no ties to the... Read more
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There is more to it than performance.

Did you ever notice that sometimes, “high efficiency” furnaces aren’t? That some things the furnace just doesn’t cover – like the quality of your ductwork, for example? The same is true of a “high performance” race car. Yes, it is VERY fast,... Read more
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Advanced Load Balancing For Developers. The Network Dev Tool

It has been a while since I wrote an installment of Load Balancing for Developers, and now I think it has been too long, but never fear, this is the grad-daddy of Load Balancing for Developers blogs, covering a useful bit of information about... Read more
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From Point A to Point B.

The complexities of life often escape a young child. The Little Man asked me the other day why I had to go work, which was both a compliment to wanting to spend time with me and an unintended backhand slap at Lori, who was going to hang out wit... Read more
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Forget Performance IN the Cloud, What About Performance TO the Cloud?

In an N-Tiered architecture, the network connection between tiers becomes a truly important part of the overall application performance equation. This is a fact we have known for a couple of decades now. If your network performance is down for... Read more
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Toll Booths and Dams. And Strategic Points of Control

An interesting thing about toll booths, they provide a point at which all sorts of things can happen. When you are stopped to pay a toll, it smooths the flow of traffic by letting a finite number of vehicles through per minute, reducing congestio... Read more
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You Say Tomato, I Say Network Service Bus

It’s interesting to watch the evolution of IT over time. I have repeatedly been told “you people, we were doing that with X, back before you had a name for it!” And likely, the speaker is telling the truth, as far as it goes. Seriously, while th... Read more
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What Do You Really Need?

When you go to buy a house, everyone would love to look into the ten million dollar mansion on the hill, but when making such a significant investment as a house, we control our desire to see outrageous, and look at what ever it is that we, give... Read more
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What Is Your Reason for Virtualization and Cloud, Anyway?

Gear shifting in a modern car is a highly virtualized application nowadays. Whether you’re driving a stick or an automatic, it is certainly not the same as your great grandaddy’s shifting (assuming he owned a car). The huge difference between ... Read more
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F5 Friday: CSG Case Study Shows Increased Performance, Less WAN Traffic With Dell and F5

When time and performance mattered, CSG Content Direct turned to Dell and F5 to make their replication faster while reducing WAN utilization. We talk a lot in our blogs about what benefits you could get from an array of F5 products, so when t... Read more
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More Complexity, New Problems, Sounds Like IT!

It is a very cool world we live in, where technology is concerned. We’re looking at a near future where your excess workload, be it applications or storage, can be shunted off to a cloud. Your users have more power in their hands than ever before,... Read more
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The Question Is Not “Are You Ready For Cloud Storage?”

I recently read a piece in Network Computing Magazine that was pretty disparaging of NAS devices, and with a hand-wave the author pronounced NAS dead, long live cloud storage. Until now, storage has been pretty much immune to the type of hyp... Read more
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Databases in the Cloud Revisited

A few of us were talking on Facebook about high speed rail (HSR) and where/when it makes sense the other day, and I finally said that it almost never does. Trains lost out to automobiles precisely because they are rigid and inflexible, whil... Read more
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The Right (Platform) Tool For the Job(s).

One of my hobbies is modeling – mostly for wargaming but also for the sake of modeling. In an average year I do a lot of WWII models, some modern military, some civilian vehicles, figures from an array of historical timeperiods and the occasional... Read more
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Smart Energy Cloud? Sounds like fun.

Having just returned from our annual D&D tournament, this year in Las Vegas, I have role-playing on the mind, so when I read the title of Elizabeth White’s blog IBM and Cable & Wireless to Develop UK Smart Energy Cloud, I immediatel... Read more
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F5 Friday: NetApp SnapVault With BIG-IP WOM

Because ‘big data’ isn’t just a problem for data at rest, it’s a problem for data being transferred. Remember when we talked about operational risk comprising more than security? One of the three core components of operational risk is... Read more
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No Really. Broadband.

In nature, things seek a balance that is sustainable. In the case of rivers, if there is too much pressure from water flowing, they either flood or open streams to let off the pressure. Both are technically examples of erosion, but we’re not here... Read more
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The Golden Age of Data Mobility?

I was working for a mid-sized enterprise as an IT manager, a project that was on the cutting edge of technology at the time, and because it was on the cutting edge, we were using a whole slew of different embedded applications and their masters t... Read more
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Gotta Catch Em All. Multiple bottlenecks are a part of the IT lifestyle

My older children, like most kids in their age group, all played with or collected Pokemon cards. Just like I and all of my friends had GI Joes and discussed the strengths and weaknesses of Kung-fu grip versus hard hands, they and all of thei... Read more
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Would You Like Some Disk With That Cable?

Our basement, like most geek basements, has a pretty good collection of outdated computer gear. Some of it is running on the network, some of it is sitting there waiting for the end times. Or for a crook to break in and steal it so we don’t... Read more
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Deduplication and Compression – Exactly the same, but different.

One day many years ago, Lori and I’s oldest son held up two sheets of paper and said “These two things are exactly the same, but different!” Now, he’s a very bright individual, he was just young, and didn’t even get how incongruous the statemen... Read more
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