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Let Your ENUMs Do the Talking with CSS

When you’re dealing with conditional formatting of objects based on enumerated values you can eliminate conditional assignments by directly mapping your ENUMs to CSS classes. There are many cases where enumerated values are used to describe... Read more
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Governance: Service Catalogs and the Cloud

Can the inherent abstraction of virtualization succeed where SOA did not? My first read through a post on the Cloud Front Office led me to scoff disdainfully at the re-emergence of a concept central to a successful SOA implementation: the... Read more
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The Dynamic Infrastructure Mashup

Infrastructure 2.0 is, at its core, about evolving to a new level of interconnectedness, one in which the underlying infrastructure becomes as flexible and adaptable as the applications and virtualization infrastructure it is responsible for... Read more
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Support, Social Technology, and Trust

As Don mentioned earlier this week, we took the plunge and entered Forrester's Groundswell contest. To me, I believe this is the ultimate testament to what you, the community, are doing on DevCentral everyday (check out this page - it's... Read more
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iRules: Dynamic WSDL Update

Remember way back when we talked about dynamically updating a WSDL to present the appropriate endpoint when being delivered through a BIG-IP? You may recall the basic problem: automatically generated WSDL docs contain the local web/application... Read more
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More caffeine please...

In the last few months, I've been focused on Microsoft Technologies such as PowerShell, Windows Mobile, MOM, and most recently the iControl Assembly written in C# with Microsoft VisualStudio.  I've never been a professional Jav... Read more
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