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Prevent a Spoof of an X-Forwarded-For Request with BIG-IP

Last week, we looked at how to do Selective Compression on BIG-IP with a local traffic policy so this week let’s try something security related using the same procedures. You can associate a BIG-IP local traffic policy to prevent a spoof of an... Read more
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Dire (Load Balancing) Straits: I Want My Client IP

load balancing fu for developers to avoid losing what is vital business data I want my client IP Now read the manuals that's the way you do it Give the IP to the SLB That ain't workin' that’s the way to do it Set... Read more
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X-Forwarded-For HTTP Module For IIS7, Source Included!

For those who of you that are having problems with logging client addresses in their server logs because you are running your web servers behind a proxy of some sort, never fear, your solution is here.  For those that don't, I alread... Read more
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WILS: Client IP or Not Client IP, SNAT is the Question

Ever wonder why requests coming through proxy-based solutions, particularly load balancers, end up with an IP address other than the real client? It’s not just a network administrator having fun at your expense. SNAT is the question – and the... Read more
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X-Forwarded-For Log Filter for Windows Servers

For those that don't know what X-Forwarded-For is, then you might as well close your browser because this post likely will mean nothing to you… A Little Background Now, if you are still reading this, then you likely are having issues with... Read more
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4 things you can do in your code now to make it more scalable later

No one likes to hear that they need to rewrite or re-architect an application because it doesn't scale. I'm sure no one at Twitter thought that they'd need to be overhauling their architecture because it gained p... Read more
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The Networking ABC's - A through Z

In yesterday's post, I finished up my Networking ABC's with the final post of Z.  For those of you who can't find my ABCs tag list on my blog, I figured I'd list them all for you in one place.  A is for AuthB is for... Read more
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Using "X-Forwarded-For" in Apache or PHP

An issue that often comes up for users of any full proxy-based product is that the original client IP address is often lost to the application or web server. This is because in a full proxy system there are two connections; one between the client... Read more
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The Networking ABC's - X is for X-Forwarded-For

Today's word in the Networking ABC's is the letter X.  There really aren't that many words that start with X so my choices for today was limited.  But, luckily for you all, there is one word that stands out as a necessity f... Read more
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