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Alteon Config Converter

Problem this snippet solves:

This Python script will convert Alteon config files to F5 syntax configuration. This converts self-IPs, SSL certs, Nodes, Pools, Monitors and Virtual Servers.

If you have any specific requirements then feel free to PM me.

How to use this snippet:

Install the script using pip:

pip install alteon2f5

Or download it here or from the site at https://pypi.python.org/pypi?:action=display&name=alteon2f5&version=1.1

Run it using: alteon2f5 <name of input file> [partition name]

It will output the config to the screen:

pwhite@CHR-L-PWHITE6 ~/rad2f5
$ ./alteon2f5.py alteon.txt|more
# Configuration created on Tue Jan  8 14:01:26 2019
# Input filename: alteon.txt
# Partition: /Common/

# -- Number of objects --
# Type                  Number
# ----------------------------
# SSL certs             8
# Self-IPs              2
# Floating Self-IPs     2
# Nodes                 16
# Monitors - HTTP       8
# Pools                 12
# Virtual Addresses     3
# Virtual Servers       3
# ----------------------------

# -- Creating SSL certs --
#----- Configuration below this line   -----------------

net self IP_1.2.3.4 {
    traffic-group traffic-group-local-only
    vlan VLAN-1234

It will also write the SSL certificates to the current directory. Copy the certs to the /var/tmp directory on the target BIG-IP and run the load_certs.sh script on the BIG-IP. This will install the SSL certs.

Copy the output text to the big-ip and load it using tmsh load sys config merge from-file /var/tmp/<config filename> verify.

If there are no errors then load the config using tmsh load sys config merge from-file /var/tmp/<config filename>

This should work with Python 2 and 3 and TMOS v11+.

Tested on Version: