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APM Sharepoint authentication v2 (draft)

Problem this snippet solves:

This new version of irule supports NTLM auth (mandatory for Onedrive Apps)

APM is a great authentication service but it does it only with forms.

The default behavior is to redirect user to /my.policy to process VPE. this redirect is only supported for GET method.

Sharepoint provide 3 different access types:

browsing web site with a browser

  • Editing documents with Office
  • connect to One Drive on premise from PC and mobiles
  • browser folder with webdav client (or editing documents with libreoffice through webdav protocol)

This irule display best authentication method for each of these access types:

  • browsers authenticate with default authentication method (form based authentication)
  • Microsoft office authenticate with Form based authentication (with support of MS-OFBA protocol)
  • Libreoffice and webdav clients authenticate with 401 basic authentication (NTLM and Basic)
  • Form based authentication (browser and Microsoft office) is compatible (validated for one customer) with SAML authentication
  • NTLM auth for Onedrive mobile applications

Editing documents is managed with a persistent cookie expiring after 5 minutes. to be shared between IE and Office, it requires :

  • cookie is persistent (expiration date instead of deleted at the end of session)
  • web site defined as "trusted sites" in IE.
How to use this snippet:

install this irule and enable it on the VS.

In the first HTTP_REQUEST event, configure authentication mode list by setting the AUTHENTICATION_MODE variable

Set authentication mode list supported. possible values are :

  • form :default Form based authentication
  • msofba : Microsoft Office Form Based Authentication for Office and Onedrive apps
  • persist : Add persistent cookie to recover closed session. this function is only supported by form and msofba authentications.

    • --> persist word must be set after authentication mode : ex : {form persist} or {msofba persist}
  • basic : Basic Authentication

  • ntlm : NTLM Authentication

  • negotiate : Kerberos / SPNEGO authentication : Not supported yet by this irule

    • --> basic, ntm and negotiate can be set together. ex: {negotiate ntlm basic} {ntlm basic}
  • deny : send a 403 response code to deny the request

  • disable : disable APM authentication

Tested on Version: