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Big-IQ bulk licensing of Big-IP using REST API

Problem this snippet solves:

Attached is a link to github which provides the user with an comprehensive example of how to license many BIGIP devices via BIGIQ CM REST API into an existing license pool.

Script bulkLicensePool.pl is a standalone script installed directly in the BIGIQ shell.

Suggested recommendations: 1. Create a /shared/scripts/. directory 2. scp file to BIGIQ, 3. Usage below.

This automation will invoke a task to license many BIGIP's as defined in a bulk_license.csv file. This happens sequentially and is very useful when administrator's goal is to license many BIGIP devices in a programmatic manner.

** tested with perl distribution present on bigiq v5.8.8

How to use this snippet:

Usage: ./bulkDiscovery -c bulk_discovery.csv

    Program: bulkLicensePool.pl  Version: v2.00.00
    ##### License multiple BIG-IP devices.
    -r      Root credentials for every BIG-IP (such as root:default) - overrides root creds in CSV
    -a      Admin credentials for every BIG-IP (such as admin:admin) - overrides any creds in CSV
    -v      Verbose screen output
    -s      Discover ASM
    -l      Discover LTM
    -p      Discover APM
    -c      Path to CSV file with all BIG-IP devices - REQUIRED
    -u      Update framework if needed
    -h      Help
    -k      Keep the CSV file after this finishes (not recommended if it contains creds)
    -q      BIG-IQ admin credentials in form admin:password - REQUIRED if not using default
    -g      access group name if needed
    -f      Discover AFM

    csv format: ip, user, pw, cluster-name, framework-action, root-user, root-pw
    ip: ip address of the BigIP to discover.
    user, pw: username & password of the BigIP.  Will be overridden if -a is specified on the command     

    configuration csv example format, admin, pw, base-reg-key
Tested on Version: