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CPU monitor

Problem this snippet solves:

Pull CPU utilization and use it with an external monitor

How to use this snippet:

I need to start by giving credit to the original post here.All I did was modify that script to match what I need it for. This is the first time I am using an external monitor and it was great to make it work so I thought i should share as someone else might need it. There is probably a better way to do this. If so please share. The original script was tackling CPU and memory utilization as this one is only looking at CPU. And in this particular case, I am taking in account all CPUs (2 of them) on the Box.

You'll have to start with creating a Read Only SNMP Community String that will be use to pull this Data.

Import the script from System/File Management/External Monitor Program File List

Create a new External monitor Local Traffic/Monitor and Type External

Select your previously uploaded script from External program

For Variables, enter DEBUG for name and Value will be the value you chose for "DEB" in the script.

Then you can apply your monitor to the node or pool you choose to.

Tested on Version: