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DNS Request and Response Filtering using URL DB and IPI subscriptions

Problem this snippet solves:

This iRule solution is applied to a DNS resolver or a catch all ( DNS virtual server where the BIG-IP is a default gateway. It allows the BIG-IP to explicitly or transparently intercept all DNS Requests and Responses from the client and apply security filtering controls. This solution is suited to almost any outbound DNS scenario where you need to protect the client from accessing malicious threats or undesirable content intentionally or unintentionally. One example where you may find this solution handy, is on a Guest or BYOD network where you need a transparent method of adding security when you don’t have control of the client.

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Comments on this Snippet
Comment made 23-Aug-2016 by Brett Smith

Please note: CATEGORY::lookup command change in behaviour with the release of 12.1.1. It shouldn't effect this iRule.

Comment made 13-Apr-2018 by Bernabe Crena

Excellent iRule!!