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Dynamic FQDN Node DNS Resolution based on URI with Route Domains and Caching iRule

Problem this snippet solves:

Following on from the code share Ephemeral Node FQDN Resolution with Route Domains - DNS Caching iRule that I posted, I have made a few modifications based on further development and comments/questions in the original share.

On an incoming HTTP request, this iRule will dynamically query a DNS server (out of the appropriate route domain) defined in a pool to determine the IP address of an FQDN ephemeral node depending on the requesting URI. The IP address will be cached in a subtable so to prevent querying on every HTTP request

It will also append the route domain to the node and replace the HTTP Host header.

Features of this iRule * Dynamically resolves FQDN node from requesting URI * Iterates through other DNS servers in a pool if response is invalid or no response * Caches response in the session table using custom TTL * Uses cached result if present (prevents DNS lookup on each HTTP_REQUEST event) * Appends route domain to the resolved node * Replaces host header for outgoing request

How to use this snippet:

Add a DNS pool with appropriate health monitors, in this example the pool is called dns_pool

Add the lookup datagroup, dns_lookup_dg. This defines the parameters of the DNS query. The values in the datagroup will built up an array using the key in capitals to define the array object e.g. $myArray(FQDN) Modify the values as required:

FQDN: the FQDN of the node to load balance to. DNS-RD: the outbound route domain to reach the DNS servers NODE-RD: the outbound route domain to reach the node TTL: TTL value for the DNS cache in seconds

ltm data-group internal dns_lookup_dg {
    records {
        /app1 {
            data "FQDN app1.my-domain.com|DNS-RD %10|NODE-RD %20|TTL 300|PORT 8443"
        /app2 {
            data "FQDN app2.my-other-domain.com|DNS-RD %10|NODE-RD %20|TTL 300|PORT 8080"
        default {
            data "FQDN default.domain.com|DNS-RD %10|NODE-RD %20|TTL 300|PORT 443"
    type string
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Comments on this Snippet
Comment made 4 months ago by Stanislas Piron 10236

Hi Lee,

I think the line 16 must be removed.

if you want to keep it, you must add a closing curly bracket before (line 15) and add a priority less than 500 on the HTTP_REQUEST event on line 7.

when HTTP_REQUEST priority 400 {
Comment made 4 months ago by Lee Sutcliffe 2650

Thanks Stan.. it's a copy and paste error from another version when I put it together for DC

Comment made 2 months ago by thundat00th 0

I think that there is an extra space on line 63, should be:

set nodeIpRd $dnsResolvIp$nodeRd

Instead of

set nodeIpRd $dnsResolvIp $nodeRd