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HTTP Forward Proxy - v3.2

Problem this snippet solves:

= This iRule will act as a forward proxy for HTTP requests. Set the virtual server that this iRule is connected to as the proxy server for your web browser. It can handle any HTTP request and also HTTPS requests through the CONNECT method.


There have been several contributors to this iRule over the years, but I believe a bulk of the work was done by Pat Chang. Feel free to update this if you contributed at some stage.

Comments on this Snippet
Comment made 12-Jan-2016 by timmalos 0
I can't manage to have this working, can we have an example of how the Virtual Server should be configured? Thanks,
Comment made 23-Mar-2016 by Jeff Allen 250
I would also be interested in the details of the Virtual and Pool (understood they are not used) settings to get this working.
Comment made 01-Apr-2016 by Telnet 249
I Think this can be done now without Irules , HTTP Profile explicit Proxy : https://support.f5.com/kb/en-us/products/big-ip_ltm/manuals/product/ltm-concepts-11-5-0/7.html
Comment made 13-Sep-2016 by Sebastian Maniak 262

how can i add multiple DNS servers?

Comment made 26-Jan-2017 by Kai M. 358

we are experiencing issues with this iRule, as ssl handshakes are not accepted on the websites we try to reach. http works just fine, but any https request will be met with an RST, ACK by the website.

We just upgraded to 12.1.1, and i understand the DEFAULT CIPHERS have changed, but considering we haven't applied any SSL profile to the virtual server, how does it go about making the https connections work?

this is working for the most part on another environment, but we need https to work here as well.

Comment made 29-Sep-2017 by oogabooga 70
Comment made 2 months ago by anupam 0

can we restrict URL to accessed by clients? If yes how?

Comment made 1 month ago by dccostco 0

This irule appears to be stripping off the SNI in the client hello. Has anyone else experienced this issue?