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HTTP iApp - downloadable version

Problem this snippet solves:

This F5 Contributed iApp template is an update to the HTTP iApp that ships by default with the BIG-IP system.


v1.3.0rc1 of the HTTP template contains no new features or visible changes, but removes a substantial amount of code from the iApp that was included to ease the transition from BIG-IP versions 11.3 to 11.4. 1.3.0rc1 is available in the Release Candidate directory of the iApp package on downloads.f5.com. The associated deployment guide can be found at http://f5.com/pdf/deployment-guides/esd-iapp-http-dg.pdf.


The officially supported version of http.v1.2.0 has been released to downloads.f5.com in the root HTTP directory. This version contains all of the changes in the Release Candidates. See the README file in that directory for more details. The associated deployment guide can now be found at http://f5.com/pdf/deployment-guides/esd-iapp-http-dg.pdf.


http.v1.2.0rc5 is available on downloads.f5.com in the RELEASE CANDIDATE directory. This version the ability to select and apply any LTM policy present on BIG-IP to the virtual server(s) created by the iApp. This new section only appears in Advanced mode. It also fixes an issue that would result in an error state when trying to deploy the iApp for ASM in BIG-IP versions 12.1 and later. Instructions can be found at http://f5.com/pdf/deployment-guides/rc-iapp-http-dg.pdf


v1.2.0rc4 of the HTTP iApp is available on downloads.f5.com in the RELEASE CANDIDATE directory. This version contains the ASM fix mentioned in RC3 and also contains a fix with address tranlation being disabled if the iApp was configured to not use a pool. Instructions can be found at http://f5.com/pdf/deployment-guides/rc-iapp-http-dg.pdf


v1.2.0rc3 of the HTTP iApp adds the ability to use ASM in the configuration if you are using BIG-IP version 12.0 or later. The version v1.2.0rc2 that was previously posted on this page did not include this feature, but incorrectly claimed it did.


v1.1.0 of the HTTP iApp template includes the ability to choose a pre-existing BIG-IP Access Policy Manager (APM) Access Policy, as well as an updated BIG-IP Advanced Firewall Manager (AFM) section.

This template was previously named HTTP Backport (most recently f5.http_backport.v1.0.4. This is a new codeshare page to host the f5.http.v1.1.0 template (note that this iApp is unchanged from the version posted on the HTTP backport codeshare page: https://devcentral.f5.com/codeshare/http-backport-a-variation-of-f5http-delivered-with-tmos). New F5 contributed versions of the HTTP template will be posted here.

Comments on this Snippet
Comment made 08-Sep-2016 by Sam Novak 130

Any chance it'd be possible to create new ASM policies using pre-defined templates? :)

Comment made 08-Sep-2016 by Fred Slater

Yes! We will post it today.

Comment made 09-Sep-2016 by Sam Novak 130

Oh my! I spot V13 in there :)

Something new on the horizon?

Comment made 28-Nov-2016 by LenderLive_Mitch 110


Is it possible to add "Action on Service Down" to the iApp template?

Having this action be "None" by default is a bit problematic when "Reject" is the preferred method to initiate faster node-down recovery times for HTTP/HTTPS services.

Thanks, Mitch Mahan

Comment made 28-Nov-2016 by Joe Jordan

Hi Mitch, While I'll pass your recommendation on to the engineers responsible for the iApp, typically we leave advanced settings like this at the default. If you want to use other settings, we recommend you create a pool outside the iApp template and then select it from the "Do you want to create a new pool or use an existing one?" list in the iApp.

Hope that helps.


Comment made 28-Nov-2016 by LenderLive_Mitch 110


Thanks for the quick feedback.

I understand that advanced options should be configured outside of iApps. I believe this particular feature plays well with the HTTP iApp (and may go as far as to state that Reject should be the default "Action on Service Down" for HTTP and HTTPS services).

We build a large number of these iApps and therefore building pools outside of the iApp itself can be very burdensome. Including this setting will also enable us to better use the iWorkflow tool for building out new web services in a more automated fashion where this option is required.

Best, Mitch

Comment made 28-Nov-2016 by mikeshimkus

Hi LenderLive_Mitch, you hit on an interesting issue here. v1 iApp templates came along before the iControl REST and iWorkflow, and were targeted at addressing most (but not all) deployment scenarios. Since HTTP connections are relatively short-lived, we followed the default guidance for Action on Service Down thinking it would be appropriate for the 90% of use cases we aim to address.

That said, we understand that users are trying to deploy programmatically and we've started making changes to the HTTP iApp to make that easier. I will add your request as possible change to the iApp.

In the meantime, it should be possible to automate the change to Action on Service Down using REST, post-deployment (although maybe not via iWorkflow).


Comment made 12-Sep-2017 by JC.BW 54

I've heard that RC6 is on the way. Any ETA?

Comment made 12-Sep-2017 by Joe Jordan

Hi JC.BW, sorry we neglected to update this page with new version information, I will do that now. The current RC is 1.3.0rc1 available in the http/release-candidates directory of the iapp package on downloads.f5.com linked above. You'll also find the "gold" supported version of 1.2.0 (which includes all the 1.2.0 RCs) in the root HTTP directory of the iApp package.

Comment made 13-Sep-2017 by JC.BW 54

Hi Joe,

Thanks for the update. I'd love to try out the new 1.3.0, but when I go to the download page all I see is iapps- which contains 1.2.0rc3.

Am I looking in the wrong place? I followed the download link, went to iApps, and downloaded the only available package. In that package I found the iApp here: iapps-\Microsoft\ADFS\Release_Candidates


Comment made 13-Sep-2017 by Joe Jordan

If you are looking for the HTTP iApp template, which is what this page is about, you are in the wrong place, as from the path you listed, you are looking in the Microsoft "ADFS" folder. If you are looking for HTTP v1.3.0, it's in iapps-\HTTP\Release_Candidates folder.

Comment made 13-Sep-2017 by JC.BW 54

Hi Joe, Thank you very much.

Comment made 28-Dec-2017 by mmeyermcu 0

Hi there, any chance that F5 could add the ability to add an HTTP/2 profile through this template in a future version? It's a one click thing on a VS.

Comment made 28-Dec-2017 by Fred Slater

I agree that we should add it in a future release. In the meantime, you could copy the f5.http template and co-opt one of the other profile questions, like "what OneConnect profile would you like to use?" and convert it to HTTP2. Replacing that one line of presentation code seems to allow an http2 profile to be added.