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IPSec Tunnel Endpoint iApp

Problem this snippet solves:

This iAPP template creates a complete configuration for establishing an IPSec tunnel between a Windows Azure virtual network and your F5 protected corporate network. Additionally, this iApp may be utilized for establishing site-2-site VPN between any compatible IPSec device.

The BIG-IP supports both policy and route-based VPNs.

Contributed by: Gregory Coward, Solution Architect

Tested on Version:
Comments on this Snippet
Comment made 30-Apr-2017 by Dante T 0


When I try to delete the application I am getting the following error:

01070265:3: The Tunnel (/Common/AzureS2S.app/AzureS2S_Tunnel) cannot be deleted because it is in use by a IPsec map (/Common/AzureS2S.app/AzureS2S_Tunnel 1).

Any suggestions on how to delete the application?

Comment made 01-May-2017 by Greg Coward

Hi there Dante,

Sorry, iApps seem to have a little "process ordering" issue when it comes to removing tunnels. To delete the iApp instance, you need to manually delete in order:

  1. Disable 'strict updates' for the iApp instance - (a. click on deploy application service, b. select 'properties', c. 'advanced', d. uncheck 'Strict Update', e. select 'update')

  2. Route created directing traffic to the IPsec tunnel (Network - Routes)

  3. Tunnel Self-IP (Network - Self IPs)

  4. Tunnel (Network - Tunnels)

  5. Delete the iApp instance to remove remaining objects.

Comment made 14-Nov-2017 by Sebastian Aguirre G. 249

Hi, wich provisioning do i need to use this iApp?

Comment made 17-Apr-2018 by Squeak 77

@Sebastian Aguirre G

You´ll need to provision LTM and APM.