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Microsoft Office 365 IP Intelligence - V0.2

Problem this snippet solves:

Update to V0.1 - Microsoft Office 365 IP intelligence

Added a new method to check if a URL is part of Office365 IPI

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Comments on this Snippet
Comment made 04-Jun-2018 by Jack.w 56

Thank you for code share !!!

I found an announcement saying that it will be changed to the REST API. Are you planning to change iRuleLX?

Announcing: Office 365 endpoint categories and Office 365 IP Address and URL web service

Comment made 04-Jun-2018 by Brett Smith 453

Hi, yes I'm aware of the new JSON method. I do have plans to update the code once it's out of preview.

Comment made 2 months ago by Brett Smith 453

Niels van Sluis, DevCentral MVP has re-written the Microsoft Office 365 IP Intelligence iRuleLX to support the new REST API: https://github.com/nvansluis/f5.office365_endpoints_extension