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MobileIron MDM APM Integration iApp Template

Problem this snippet solves:

The MobileIron MDM iApp Template is meant to quickly and accurately configure BIG-IP APM objects for integrating MobileIron into the BIG-IP infrastructure.

For specific instructions on deploying the MobileIron MDM iApp, see the online help or the tech tips.

Integrating APM with MobileIron MDM - Part 1

Comments on this Snippet
Comment made 09-Jan-2017 by Ryan 498
Comment made 19-Jul-2017 by JaiASingla 0

none of pass through it have error:

01070151:3: Rule [/Common/abc-mobileiron.app/abc-mobileiron_mobileiron_connector] error: /Common/abc-mobileiron.app/abc-mobileiron_mobileiron_connector:19: error: [parse error: PARSE syntax 706 {syntax error in expression " [HTTP::host] equals $static::abc-mobileiron_mi_host && [IP:...": variable references require preceding $}][{ [HTTP::host] equals $static::abc-mobileiron_mi_host && [IP::remote_addr] starts_with "127." }]

Comment made 14-Jun-2018 by Jim_DiData 0