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New F5 Visio Stencil

Problem this snippet solves:

Helps make our documentation look and feel the way it should be...

Comments on this Snippet
Comment made 03-Nov-2016 by Kevin Davies 2478

Joshua can you provide these in a format usable for earlier versions of Visio as this seems to be specific to Visio 2013.

Comment made 04-Jan-2017 by Joshua Bines 182

Apologies for the delay. Saved as a stencil and updated zip file.

Inside ZIP: F5 Visio.vssx

Comment made 01-Aug-2017 by Tulga 0

Do you have Visio 2010 version file?

Comment made 02-Mar-2018 by Darren Walker 226

What does this do? Does it give templates/images to use in visio diagrams?

Comment made 18-Sep-2018 by Joshua Bines 182

Yes but it’s very limited to the design requirements I needed at the time.

Two years on and this thread is still getting comments... did f5 release new stencils like I was told they would?

Example below

Image Text

Comment made 5 months ago by IAmAJ 1

Any update?

Comment made 1 month ago by bdotsooner 16

Bump... Someone is sitting on the stash! Any update? :)

Comment made 1 month ago by MUHAMMAD ALI JINNAH MOHIDEEN PATHUSHA 12

It would be good if F5 look into this thread and Update...

Comment made 3 weeks ago by EJM 57

Any update ?