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Perl Ltm Config To Xml (version 2)

Problem this snippet solves:

This example is based on "Perl Ltm Config To Xml" by Joe Pruitt: queries the components of a virtual servers configuration and prints it out in an XML format for further processing. Now with a few more data retrieved (SNAT, object status) and does recursively on partitions, this way listing configuration generated by iApps on separate partitions.

How to use this snippet:

./LTM-to-XML.pl bigip user pass

Tested on Version:
Comments on this Snippet
Comment made 11-Apr-2018 by Friedrich 0

Hello Miguel, Thanks for Publishing. The recursive Part is useful.. You included the NAT Pool.. How do I get and print the NAT Pool Members along with the NAT Pool Name? Same as is done with the LB Pool and Pool Members?

Comment made 12-Apr-2018 by Miguel Rosa 2

Hello Friedrich. I have updated with newer version to also list SNAT members. Please check.

Comment made 1 week ago by KJ 357

hello I am new to Perl , where do you add host name usr name and password.

I am getting below error.

500 No Host option provided at C:\perl_test\f5.pl line 148

Comment made 1 week ago by Miguel Rosa 2

I suggest you upload/create script on LTM device. Then execute from there like

perl LTM-to-XML.pl username password > result.xml