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Pool Member Status Page on a Virtual Server v10

Problem this snippet solves:

This iRule will create a dynamic updated HTML page and/or xml rss page of all the pools and their members address and ports and indicate UP/DOWN or Disabled Status. It uses an external datagroup file, + cron to make the list dynamic.

You apply the iRule to a virtual server with the HTTP profile. This will allow clients or other IT personal see pools and their member status w/o logging into the LTM. The page is useful if you have separate monitors that can look at the content of the page.

Note: This was only tested on Version 10.0.1 HF3 and 10.2.0

  1. Create a file in the following path on the LTM

which contains: "b db bigpipe.displayservicenames false" was added in because the b load command changes it to true.

b db bigpipe.displayservicenames false
b pool all |grep "POOL MEMBER" | awk '{sub(":any",":0",$4);print "\""$4"\","}' | sort >/var/class/pool_member_status_list.class

if [ "`cat /var/prompt/ps1`" == "Active" ]; then
   b load

exit 0

Alternately, you can use the following script, which does not require a configuration load post-execution (works better on HA systems) - contributed by joelmoses:


# Handle a first-run situation
if [ ! -e /var/class/pool_member_status_list.class ]; then
   touch /var/class/pool_member_status_list.class

# Grab the node list from bigpipe
nodelist=`b pool all |grep "POOL MEMBER" | awk '{sub(":any",":0",$4);print "\""$4"\","}' | sort`
for i in $nodelist; do
   # Get the service from the bigpipe output for the pool member
   service=`echo $i | cut -f2 -d : - | sed s/\",// -`
   # Determine whether the service is a numeric value or not; if not, we'll look it up in /etc/services.
   echo -n $service | egrep -q "^6553[0-5]|655[0-2][0-9]\d|65[0-4](\d){2}|6[0-4](\d){3}|[1-5](\d){4}|[1-9](\d){0,3}$"
   if [ $? == 0 ]; then
       servicenumber=`cat /etc/services | tr '\011' ',' | sed s/,,/,/ | grep "^$service,.*\/tcp" | cut -f2 -d, | cut -f1 -d/`
   # Write it to a temp file in the class directory.
   echo $i | sed s/$service\"\,/$servicenumber\"\,/ >> /var/class/pool_member_status_list.class.tmp.$$

# Move the temp file to the active position.
mv /var/class/pool_member_status_list.class.tmp.$$ /var/class/pool_member_status_list.class

# Only load the config to update with the new class file if I am in HA Active mode (avoids getting out of sync if 
# this happens on the Standby unit).
if [ "`cat /var/prompt/ps1`" == "Active" ]; then
   b load

exit 0
  1. Change the permissions by entering:
chmod +755 /etc/cron.daily/pool_member_status_list.cron
chmod +x /etc/cron.daily/pool_member_status_list.cron
  1. Create a external datagroup
Main >> Local Traffic >> iRules 
Select Data Group List
Click create
enter name: pool_member_status_list
enter Type: External
Path / Filename: /var/class/pool_member_status_list.class
File Content: String
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has anyone taken this and migrated it to a newer version?