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Ps Local Traffic Map

Problem this snippet solves:

This application will replicate the network map functionality found in the BIG-IP management GUI with a PowerShell console implementation.

The BIG-IP Management GUI has a feature called the Network Map that includes a hierarchical summary of the objects on the system and their current statuses. This tech tip will take that GUI component and break it down into the underlying iControl method calls and present an alternative implementation from within Windows PowerShell.

Comments on this Snippet
Comment made 12-May-2016 by paul.dawson 70
Hi, I would like to include the VIP destination address into the output. Could you provide a function definition for this?
Comment made 4 weeks ago by SriniM 53

Below command does not work. Any changes to this ? Also I am chaning the partition to a custom partition with the command " (Get-F5.iControl).ManagementPartition.set_active_partition( ( ,"Partition_a"))"

This command failing (Get-F5.iControl).LocalLBPoolMember.get_object_status