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Python Virtual Server and Pool Creation

Problem this snippet solves:

A simple script to add and delete both Virtual IPs and Pools in: Python

Comments on this Snippet
Comment made 24-Sep-2015 by Robert 534
suppsoe there is only irule applied in this VS how to remove this irule?
Comment made 21-Mar-2017 by Taurama 0

I would like to use ipv6 address for virtual server, but i'm having hard time to figure out how to do it. Just replacing address and mask with ipv6 address and mask in example doesn't seem to work. There's guide for this somewhere?

EDIT: Oh, port number is separeted with dot.. nvm.

Comment made 28-Jun-2018 by Ernesto Sanchez 20

how can I print the configs to a text file, I would like to apply the configs manually.

Comment made 12-Jul-2018 by Ernesto Sanchez 20

Both would be fine, I would like to create up to 4 virtuals and review the config and then manually paste it. The costumer makes the request and we build the configs.

Comment made 13-Jul-2018 by Ernesto Sanchez 20

Also, how can I create more than 1 virtual at 1 time.