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Request Resubmit on timeout

Problem this snippet solves:

In some cases, a BIG-IP can be sending a request to a pool member that is "stuck" at the application layer; effectively the server is inoperative. While it would be ideal to detect inoperative pool members with health monitoring, occasionally the failures are intermittent.

This iRule allows a user-defined timeout value after which it will "give up" on the originally selected server and then resubmit the request (including payload) to a new server. In order to do this, it must disable the HTTP profile on the connection and so when it resubmits the request, it inserts a Connection: close header so that the resubmitted request will be the last HTTP request for that connection.

It also detects a timeout on the retried request and if a timeout is detected, it will send a 504 Gateway Timeout error.

The current version of the iRule is built for HTTPS on both sides (client-ssl and server-ssl profile on the virtual server) but could be adapted for non SSL on either or both sides relatively easily.

How to use this snippet:

Enable iRule on Virtual Server (that has HTTP profile, client-ssl and server-ssl profiles enabled) and set the timeout value (default is 5 seconds) for HTTP request.

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