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Reverse Proxy With Basic SSO

Problem this snippet solves:

The iRule implements a authenticated HTTPS reverse proxy.

This iRule respond to a possible use of BigIP as an authenticated HTTPS reverse proxy. At this point, the iRule rewrite Host and Location in HTTP::header, support virtual multihosting and basic single sign-on.

First, declare two classes for rewrite HTTP::header Host and HTTP::header Location

How to use this snippet:

Supporting Classes

class tab_hostrewrite extern { 
  type string filename "tab_hostrewrite.txt" 

class tab_locationrewrite extern { 
  type string filename "tab_locationrewrite.txt" 
  • The 'extern' keyword is not required in 9.4.x versions when creating the class from the CLI.
  • For "Host" rewriting, the file format is specific to our use (no DNS use), example: "host1.mydomain.com ws1.inet.mydomain.com 80", "host2.mydomain.com ws2.inet.mydomain.com 80",
  • For "Location" rewriting, an example is: "ws2.inet.mydomain.com https://host2.mydomain.com",