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SFTP file existence monitor

Problem this snippet solves:

SFTP file existence monitor

How to use this snippet:

This monitor definition allows for a monitor to connect to a SFTP server and check for the existence of a file using username/password.

Written for a specific implementation where they wouldn't use key pairs, plus it turns out that curl on F5's was compiled with sftp support disabled, so I had to use expect instead.

It's based off of the default sample_monitor.

Create a monitor definition with 3 variables:

$monitor_sftp_USER = Username of SFTP server
$monitor_sftp_PASS = Password for $monitor_sftp_USER
$monitor_sftp_STRING` = String/Filename to search for

I have also written a modified version whereby you can encrypt the password manually using the unit master-key and add that as the password variable, which I can post if wanted.

Tested on Version: