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Show message while SAML IDP redirects an user to the SP

Problem this snippet solves:

When an user gets redirected from a BIG-IP IDP to a SP the browser may display a white screen when the SP isn't responding right away. This happens when for example the SP needs some time to perform some user lookups or is just slow.

This code snippet will alter the blank page and put a message on it. See the example below.

Image Text

Besides a message, you can also choose to display a CSS Loader. For more information on these CSS Loaders see:


Image Text

How to use this snippet:

Create a new Virtual Server that will act as the IDP frontend. This Virtual Server will need a STREAM profile and the iRule below. This additional Virtual Server is needed to be able to modify the HTTP response of the Virtual Server that holds the Access Policy.

Comments on this Snippet
Comment made 14-Sep-2018 by Patrik Jonsson 3523

Nice one Niels!

Comment made 14-Sep-2018 by Niels van Sluis 2727

Thanks Patrick :-)

Comment made 15-Sep-2018 by Kevin Davies 3029

Good job Neil's!

Comment made 15-Sep-2018 by Niels van Sluis 2727

Thanks Kevin :-)

Comment made 17-Sep-2018 by youssef 3608

Hi Niels,

Nice job!!!

Comment made 17-Sep-2018 by Niels van Sluis 2727

Thanks Youssef :-)

Comment made 5 months ago by Darrell-F5 1

Yes, indeed. I think that is exactly what I am looking for.

I did spend some time with it and looking at the options...way cool spinners! We did try to apply it directly to the VS, just to see if it might be as easy as that, as we did not have much time to devote to it at the time. That did not work, so I hope to revisit this again shortly and do it the way you suggested.

Thank-you for the help!