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Update / Modify a Traffic Group of a Virtual Address using F5-SDK

Problem this snippet solves:

I have an Active-Active LTM Deployment.

Virtual Servers ( and Virtual Addresses ) are split between two units. I am trying to use F5-SDK to update traffic group so that VS/VA will move between two units.

How to use this snippet:


Python : 3.6
F5 SDK : 3.0.20
LTM : 12.1.2 HF2
Tested on Version:
Comments on this Snippet
Comment made 1 month ago by Muhammad 164

I have enhanced the above code that will allow you to change a traffic group to any or all Virtual Addresses on a LTM unit.

Comment made 1 month ago by Muhammad 164
from f5.bigip import ManagementRoot
import sys
from random import randrange
from pprint import pprint

# This module will read all the Virtual Servers from the bigip unit and create a dictionary e.g;
# VIP-name, IP address and Traffic-Group assigned

# VIPs_dict = { 'vs-client1.company.com-http':'['','Traffic-group-1'],
#               'vs-consumer.company.com-https':'['','Traffic-group-1'],
#               ....
#            }
# Contributor : mshoaib@paciolan.com

# Environment
# Python : 3.6
# F5 SDK : 3.0.20
# LTM : 12.1.2 HF2

# Requirements :
# 1. Create a folder name "data" in the same directory where this script will run. It will be used to save the current config
# 2. Update the Variables section below according to your environment

def save_traffic_group_config(traffic_group_config):
   This function will save the current traffic groups config to a file
  # This will create a file name "traffic_group_config_<random_number>"
  new_file = open("data/traffic_group_conifg_"+str(randrange(1000)),'w')
  new_file.write("\n{}\t{}\t{}".format('Virtual','IP','Traffic Group'))
  for key in traffic_group_config.keys():
  print ("\nCurrent Virtual Addresses Traffic Group config have been saved ....")
# ------

def modify_traffic_group(virtual_server_name,virtual_address,bigip_mgmt):
   This function will take a name of virtual server and switch its traffic group from 1 to 2 OR 2 to 1
   Assumption : You have two traffic group named a) traffic-group-1 b) traffic-group-2

  # Load a Virtual Address
  virt_address_info = bigip_mgmt.tm.ltm.virtual_address_s.virtual_address.load(name=virtual_address, partition='Common')

  print ("{} traffic group is {}".format(virtual_server_name,virt_address_info.trafficGroup))
  response = input("Type Y or yes to Change or <Enter> to Skip ... ")

  # User Input to proceed
  if response.lower() == 'yes' or response.lower() == 'y':
    print (" Traffic Group Changed ")
    print (" No Change ")
  if virt_address_info.trafficGroup == "/Common/traffic-group-1":
    new_TG = "/Common/traffic-group-2"
    new_TG = "/Common/traffic-group-1"

  # Update the Traffic Group for that particular virtual server name / virtual address

# Variable Section
BigIP = "BigIP"
BigIP_username = "admin"
BigIP_password = "admin"

cur_virtuals_info = {} # Empty dict to collect Virtual Server Name, IP address & Traffic Group
tmp_virtual_address = [] # it will store the IP of Virtual Addresses and help to avoid duplicates

# Connect to BigIP
f5_mgmt = ManagementRoot(BigIP, BigIP_username, BigIP_password)

# Gather Virtual Address and Virtual Server info
virt_addrs = f5_mgmt.tm.ltm.virtual_address_s.get_collection()
virt_srvs = f5_mgmt.tm.ltm.virtuals.get_collection()

# Fill up the Current Virtuals info
for v_s in virt_srvs:

  for v_a in virt_addrs:
    # Compare Virtual Server IP and Virtual Address ( also an IP ) and if same then grab the traffic group and feed into the dict
    if v_a.name == v_s.destination.split('/')[2].split(':')[0]: # Match the IP address
      if len (cur_virtuals_info) == 0:
        # Enter the first value in as is
        cur_virtuals_info[v_s.name] = [v_s.destination.split('/')[2].split(':')[0],v_a.trafficGroup.split('/')[2]]
        # save the virtual address in tmp list to compare and avoid duplicates
        # Check if virtual address already exisit, if yes then skip
          if v_s.destination.split('/')[2].split(':')[0] in tmp_virtual_address:
            # Virtual address already inserted, skip insertion
            # Insert the Virtual Server / Address into the dict and in the temp list for comparison
            cur_virtuals_info[v_s.name] = [v_s.destination.split('/')[2].split(':')[0],v_a.trafficGroup.split('/')[2]]

# Save the current Config

for k in cur_virtuals_info.keys():