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Web UI Tweaks

Problem this snippet solves:

This script will add some UI enhancement to the LTM module.

  • It will create links to irules in the virtual server resources page:

    Image Text

  • It will parse iRules for data group lists and generate links. Hovering the links will display their content. Also makes the editor area larger and... lo and behold, enables you to use tabs.

    Image Text

  • It will enable you to add predefined profiles for creating CSRs. Useful if you're requesting certificates for multiple companies/customers.

    Image Text

  • Generates test commands for http, curl and netcat to test your monitors manually

    Image Text

  • Adds a link to the default pool.

Image Text

  • Makes the monitor selection in the pool configuration bigger making it easier to find the monitor you want to assign.
  • Makes objects in the same partition bold and easier to distinguish from the ones in the Common partition.
How to use this snippet:
  1. Install Tampermonkey for Chrome (a client side user script engine)
  2. Add the script to the Installed user scripts.
  3. Make some configurations in the config section in the top of the script (descriptions available).
  4. Log on to your BigIP and test it.

Reported to work on Firefox too using Greasemonkey.

Not been tested on version 12.

Comments on this Snippet
Comment made 02-Nov-2015 by Henrik Gyllkrans 596
Very cool stuff Patrik! Very nice indeed.
Comment made 13-Nov-2015 by Patrik Jonsson 3491
Thank you Henrik!
Comment made 24-Nov-2015 by The Notorious BIGIP 18
Patrik, DatagroupListCount obviously changes the number or record rows you can see at one time for a selected datatgroup. Is there an easy way to make the box in which the records are displayed wider? I have some long name value pairs.
Comment made 24-Nov-2015 by Patrik Jonsson 3491
Thanks for the comment. I've updated the script to show the ballon tip to the left and added css nowrap. Please try the new version? In case someone wonders where the project description / usage is: Devcentral stole it from me (a bug) but they're working on getting it back. :)
Comment made 26-Nov-2015 by The Notorious BIGIP 18
Thanks Patrik, the tool tip balloon now accommodates my long entries which is great but I obviously wasn't clear in my original comment 8-o. What I was looking for was for the scroll box that shows added records to be wider, perhaps even full width - is that possible?
Comment made 26-Nov-2015 by The Notorious BIGIP 18
Even horizontally scrollable would be good ;-)
Comment made 13-Dec-2015 by Patrik Jonsson 3491
That's not ideal as it's a tooltip. Click to toggle could be an option but that won't be useful for most people.
Comment made 25-Feb-2016 by Patrik Jonsson 3491
Added possibility to have default options when creating a csr.