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ASM 101 - Understanding the Web Application Firewall

Course materials from Agility.



Released 01.00.00 on 29-09-2016

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Comments on this Download
Comment made 29-Sep-2016 by Neeraj Jags 313

I have downloaded the asm_101.zip it contain two word and two ppt, however first two file is not able to open , says error and can't recover. rest two I am able to open. any reason. the which I am not able open says some Path _MACOSX, what is that ?

Comment made 16-Oct-2016 by elfarissi 0

hi i have downloaded the .zip and it contain one fils word with 0 bit can you send me the .zip please ?

Comment made 17-Oct-2016 by Russell 185

Thanks so much for this Jason, this is just what I need to get my head around the ASM.