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BigSuds Python iControl Library

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Comments on this Download
Comment made 16-Aug-2013 by jaime 0
Hi, I just have a dumb question, does bigsuds is different libraray than suds? And if they are different where can I download bigsuds from? Thanks.
Comment made 16-Aug-2013 by jaime 0
never mind I just saw the big red button, my bad ... thanks anyway Xd
Comment made 04-Oct-2013 by Jason Antman 5
Is there any way to actually install this the way people manage python these days? I.e. via pip? Can you publish this to pypi please?
Comment made 13-May-2014 by Victor Z 0
For those who need to work with F5 Appliance via SOCKS5 - hint: === #!/bin/env python import socks import urllib2 socks.setdefaultproxy(socks.PROXY_TYPE_SOCKS5, 'localhost', ) socks.wrapmodule(urllib2) import bigsuds b = bigsuds.BIGIP(hostname = '', username='admin',password='admin',debug=True) print(b.LocalLB.Pool.get_list()) === where is network reachable only via SOCKS5 tunnel (ssh -D ). socks module is https://code.google.com/p/socksipy-branch/
Comment made 28-May-2014 by AaronB
The big red button, while it is supposed to be easy to see, is easily missed. I do not know why.
Comment made 07-Aug-2014 by Demaster4 0
Does this work for Python 3.4.1? I've tried to install for this version of Python, and I keep getting errors. If this is available, can someone provide installation instructions on this? Thank you very much. Demaster
Comment made 09-Oct-2014 by Carlos Valiente 0
Hi! Any chance of having `bigsuds` uploaded to https://pypi.python.org/pypi ? I would not mind doing it myself, but I don't think that bigsud's license (https://devcentral.f5.com/eula) lets m do that ... Carlos
Comment made 24-Mar-2015 by Marc Abramowitz 0
Thank you for uploading to pypi! https://pypi.python.org/pypi/bigsuds/1.0.1 -- this makes it much easier to install. Would you consider hosting the source code on GitHub so that the community can more easily contribute fixes and improvements?
Comment made 08-Apr-2015 by Utahcon 76
This has been added to pypi https://pypi.python.org/pypi/bigsuds/1.0.1
Comment made 25-May-2015 by oogabooga 70
awesome! $ sudo pip install bigsuds Downloading/unpacking bigsuds Downloading bigsuds-1.0.1.tar.gz Running setup.py (path:/tmp/pip_build_root/bigsuds/setup.py) egg_info for package bigsuds Downloading/unpacking suds>=0.4 (from bigsuds) Downloading suds-0.4.tar.gz (104kB): 104kB downloaded Running setup.py (path:/tmp/pip_build_root/suds/setup.py) egg_info for package suds Installing collected packages: bigsuds, suds Running setup.py install for bigsuds Running setup.py install for suds /usr/bin/python -O /tmp/tmpigCwYE.py removing /tmp/tmpigCwYE.py Successfully installed bigsuds suds Cleaning up...
Comment made 15-Mar-2016 by David Lopes 0
For anyone looking for Python 3 support or SSL errors fix, I've ported this library https://github.com/dlopes7/pycontrol working as expected on python 3.4 and 3.5.
Comment made 01-Aug-2016 by Jason Rahm

@David Lopes, is your port support only for python 3, or patched to support both the 2.x and 3.x lines? Wondering if you can fork https://github.com/F5Networks/bigsuds and then issue a pull request with your changes that we can take a look at.

Comment made 14-Jun-2017 by NiteshBV 4

I am getting this error, bigip_node is working fine but bigip_facts is not found.

ERROR: bigip_facts is not a legal parameter in an Ansible task or handler

bigsuds (1.0.4) version installed.

Can someone please help me on this ?

Also do we have any ansible module to add f5 ltm profiles?

Comment made 06-Oct-2017 by David Karakas

Couple of issues here:

  1. The link above references v1.0.1. Currently we're up to 1.0.5: https://pypi.python.org/pypi/bigsuds/1.0.5

  2. BigSuds v1.0.5 requires 'setuptools' >=1.4. However, setuptools version 1.4 is not available in the CentOS 7 standard repositories and requires additional repos be added/enabled to satisfy this requirement. This is discussed here: https://packaging.python.org/guides/installing-using-linux-tools/

Comment made 16-Nov-2017 by Joel 63

There appears to be an issue with encoding when uploading or downloading files.

b = bigsuds.BIGIP(hostname=myhostname, username=myusername, password=mypassword)
contents = base64.b64encode("this is a test".encode())

Results in a garbled file on the LTM:

[admin@mybigip:Active:Standalone] tmp # cat /tmp/test


[admin@mybigip:Active:Standalone] tmp # od -ax /tmp/test

0000000   | bel   F ack etb   2 ack etb   2 ack dc2 bel   F   W   7   @
           07fc    8646    3297    9706    0632    0712    5746    4037
0000020   ` nul

I'm running bigsuds 1.0.6, suds_jurko 0.6 and python 3.6.3 on OSX.

The LTM is a VE running 12.1.2. I've also tried this on an LTM running 11.5.4 with the same result.

Any ideas what's going on?