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iControl REST API Reference Version 12.0

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Comments on this Download
Comment made 09-Nov-2015 by amolari 2665
is there a similar document for v11.6 & 11.4.1?
Comment made 20-Nov-2015 by Josh Becigneul 1232
I'd also be interested in a version of this for BIG-IQ.
Comment made 27-Nov-2015 by Will 76
I do not see any API calls for ASM. Do you know the reason?
Comment made 18-Jan-2016 by Joel Newton 401
Great resource! All it needs is a table of contents page and/or search option. Thanks, Paul.
Comment made 18-Mar-2016 by Jake M 1
Why not just host this somewhere instead of making me download it?
Comment made 12-Jun-2016 by tatmotiv 1021
There is an "online version" by now. See https://devcentral.f5.com/wiki/iControlREST.APIRef.ashx
Comment made 05-Sep-2016 by Thierry 0

Still no documentation for asm API as of september 2016 ?

Comment made 01-Apr-2017 by Leonardo Monteiro 0

Is there going to be API calls for the ZoneRunner app? I'm still using legacy iControl because of the lack of it.

Comment made 07-Jun-2017 by Satoshi Toyosawa

The doc shows /mgmt/tm/util/unixLs, unixRm, unixMv endpoints, but they are actually spelt like tmsh commands in the actual implementation: i.e., unix-ls, unix-rm, unix-mv. Also, I believe GET is not allowed - just POST and OPTIONS (according to OPTIONS). The usage is same as /mgmt/tm/util/bash: e.g., '{"command":"run", "utilCmdArgs":"/tmp/toyo /tmp/sat"}' (for mv).

Comment made 02-Aug-2017 by Hygor 70

How do i create a draft policy? i'm trying to use: curl -sku admin:admin -X PATCH -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{"createDraft":"True"}'

but i'm receiving {"code":400,"message":"Found invalid JSON body in the request.","errorStack":[],"apiError":1}

Comment made 20-Feb-2018 by JSC 77

Since v13.1 installed, REST API calls are very slow... Each POST / PUT / PATCH is taking more than 2s compare to 0,2s before (12.1). Same for you? Any clue?