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X-Forwarded-For HTTP Module for IIS 7+

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Comments on this Download
Comment made 07-Jul-2016 by sofasurfer 0
Hi Joe, I've got the x64 version of this module running in IIS, but now need to install a 32bit web application. Is there a way to run both the x64 and x86 dll's?
Comment made 5 months ago by Russell Buri 0

I've tried this on IIS 8.5 and a lot of value for the c-ip field still show the F5 IP. Can someone confirm if there's a issue with this module or just with IIS 8.5? Others have reported similar issues without any response here https://devcentral.f5.com/articles/x-forwarded-for-http-module-for-iis7-source-included. Thanks.