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Show Your Coding Cred with DevBadges

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What Are They?

DevBadges are achievements you earn for contributing to DevCentral. When you earn a DevBadge, it’s displayed on your profile.

How Do You Earn Them?

You earn DevBadges based on contributions to and interactions with the community. The following table lists the different badges, how to get them, and what they look like.

[ack Badge Title]


Answered 5 questions

[arpstorm Badge Title]

ARP Storm

Posted 25 questions

[binary72 Badge Title]

01001000 01101001

Uploaded 5 Code Snippets

[influencer Badge Title]


3 of your articles received over 1,000 views

[jumboframe Badge Title]

Jumbo Frame

A question was viewed 100 or more times

[packetmaster Badge Title]

Packet Master

5 responses were confirmed as answers

[qos Badge Title]


20 responses confirmed as answers

[syn Badge Title]


Posted 3 questions

[synack Badge Title]


Responded to 3 questions