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Getting Started

iApps is a user-customizable framework for deploying applications. It gives you an insanely powerful, flexible way to automate tasks and templatize sets of functionality on your F5 gear.

Using APL (Application Presentation Language), a simple scripting language, you define a question-driven interface with which users will interact with their application and enter data. Using that data, you can then automate nearly any task on the device. This can take a 50- or 60-step process down to two or three easy steps. That’s pretty sweet if you’re automating repeat tasks or trying to simplify things for users.

Use iApps to automate the way you add virtual servers so that you don’t have to go through the same manual steps every time you add a new application. Or build a custom iApp to manage your iRules inventory. And that’s just scratching the surface. The possibilities for what you can do with iApps are huge.

Start by checking out the dozens of iApps that already exist. Then see how to install new iApps Templates and you’re on your way.


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