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Getting Started with the TMOS Operations Guide (Beta)

What are recommended practices around maintaining TMOS? Good question!

Are you in charge of the maintenance of your F5 system? Do you have experience and ideas to share about keeping F5 systems well maintained? Then, this is your place. The Operations Guide Group is collecting recommended practices, starting with those for TMOS, version 11x. Our goal is to create a TMOS Operations Guide with your input. We have an outline and a plan, and you have experience, information, and questions to share. Together, we can create THE go-to operations guide for TMOS.

How do I contribute?

We're working on draft chapters now and will post them when they are available for comment. Once they're posted, you can respond with suggestions and comments by posting them as Discussions in the Questions and Answers section of this group. We’ll update the outline from there as we add flesh to the bones based on your input and recommended practices.

Submit your comments and questions with the Ask an Operations Guide Question button. Track existing discussion about and development of the Operations Guide in Questions & Answers. .