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WhiteBoard Wednesday: SSL Renegotiation

We all know that a client and a server have to negotiate a connection before they can talk securely via HTTPS. But, did you know that, in some cases, that same client and server will need to "renegotiate" their secure connection while they are still talking securely? In this video, John talks about SSL renegotiation and covers a new feature in the BIG-IP that helps protect web servers from potential asymmetric DoS attacks.

F5 in AWS Part 4 - Orchestrating BIG-IP Application Services with Open-Source tools

So far we have talked above AWS networking basics, how to run BIG-IP in a VPC, and highly-available deployment footprints. In this post, we’ll move on to my favorite topic, orchestration.   By this point, you probably have several VMs...

Two-Factor Authentication – Captive Portal

Technical Challenge F5 like most large enterprises organizations require Two-Factor Authentication (TFA) for employee remote connectivity. To meet this requirement IT integrated BIG-IP Access Policy Manager with a third-party vendor that provides...

Mitigating BIND CVE-2015-5477 with iRules

While SOL16909: BIND vulnerability CVE-2015-5477 is the official SOL, and the best mitigation is, of course, upgrading to a fixed versions of TMOS, what if you can't upgrade right now?  The best option is to not use BIND at all....

Whiteboard Wednesday: SSL Proxy Solutions

In this episode of Whiteboard Wednesday, Jason continues the proxy discussion from last episode with a breakdown of the ProxySSL and SSL Forward Proxy solutions available on the BIG-IP. Resources Proxy SSL Overview Implementing Proxy...

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AWS re:Invent 2015 – Web Application Firewall in the Cloud (feat Haynes)

WAFs are one an organization’s key line of defenses against web application attacks and Robert Haynes, Marketing Services Architect, shares some of the app security considerations organizations must face when deploying their critical applications in the cloud. WAFs have typically been deployed on-premises within a traditional data center but those same protections and policies must follow...

AWS re:Invent 2015 – SSL Everywhere…Including the Cloud (feat Stanley)

Thomas Stanley, Product Management Engineer, discusses the challenges organizations face when implementing a SSL Everywhere strategy even in the cloud. He gets into areas like SSL certificates, key management, multiple interfaces and the learning curves involved with deploying SSL Everywhere. He explains F5’s role in SSL management, how certificates move with configurations and how this centra...

AWS re:Invent 2015 - Value of App Services in the Cloud (feat Vrankic)

Damir Vrankic, Director – Product Management, explains how critical application services such as availability, security and performance play a critical role, especially when delivering applications from the cloud. He discusses the risks, like data center attacks, when these services do not follow the applications along with how F5 offers the same level of services whether you’re in ...

How is SDN disrupting the way businesses develop technology?

You must have read so much about software-defined networking (SDN) by now that you probably think you know it inside and out. However, such a nascent industry is constantly evolving and there are always new aspects to discover and learn about. While much of the focus on SDN has focused on the technological benefits it brings, potential challenges are beginning to trouble some SDN...

Find F5 at AWS re:Invent 2015

I show you how to find F5 Booth 830 at AWS re:Invent. AWS re:Invent has grown tremendously over the last 4 years and F5 is here to help organizations ensure that their critical app services follow those applications to the cloud. Get a behind the scenes view of the Venetian Sands Expo Hall preparing for the opening night reception and some of the interesting trends occurring within technolog...

Easter Egg: BIG-IP Advisory Banner

Let's take a minute and step away from the technical stuff and look at something a little more entertaining. In 11.6 a GUI enhancement was added to display an Advisory Bar at the top and bottom panes of the GUI. Now I am not talking about the Security Banner that everyone is familiar with.   But something that is useful everyday of the week when managing multiple...


 かつてアプリケーションは、単一のインフラストラクチャ上で集中的に管理されており、データセンター内では、外部ネットワークとの境界にいくつかのセキュリティ機能を配置することで保護されていました。IT部門の役割は、データセンター内で稼働するアプリケーションの可用性やパフォーマンス、セキュリティを確保することであり、アプリケーションのライフサイクル全てを管理することが可能でした。  しかし、このような、データセンターで全てが管理できるというような状況は、すでに過去のものだといえます。現在では、多くのアプリケーションにおいて、プライベートクラウドやパブリッ...

IoT: Tabs to be Read Later

I've been traveling a bit over the last month and my tabs-to-read-later pile is growing. We'll be at AWS re:Invent next week so I thought I'd unload some of the IoT stories that caught my eye recently, that I'm finally getting to read. Apologies if this is old news to you. One I've been holding on to almost the longest is an interesting INC article Our Future Will be...

F5 APM Client Feature and F5 Edge Client Now Support Recently Released Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan)

With the release of Apple Mac OS X 10.11 earlier this week, we (F5) wanted to provide a quick update on F5 APM client and Edge Client compatibility and support for this release.  As of yesterday (October 1, 2015), F5 APM client and Edge Client supports Mac OS X 10.11.  The Compatibility Matrices for BIG-IP APM versions 11.4.1, 11.5.3, 11.6.0, and 12.0 have been updated to reflect...

Configuration Example: BIG-IP APM as SAML IdP for Amazon Web Services

Useful links Creating Temporary Security Credentials for SAML Federation - AWS Security Token Service Giving Console Access Using SAML - AWS Security Token Service AWS Metadata File For more information on SAML take a look at Security Assertion Markup Language For more information on using APM as a SAML IdP take a look at Using APM as a SAML IdP SSO portal Two Attributes are...

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