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Node.js ABC’s - M is for Modules

As any one who has created a software system can tell you, after some point you get to a point in time where putting all your code in one big location becomes unmanageable and leads to maintenance issues.  The logical first step is to try to...

Integrating Duo Security with F5 BIG-IP Access Policy Manager

Duo Security integrates into F5 BIG-IP Access Policy Manager as a full featured two factor authentication solution and offers inline self-enrollment and an interactive, user-friendly login experience that enables the user to select from a wide...

Demystifying iControl REST Part 3 - How to pass query parameters and tmsh options

iControl REST. It’s iControl SOAP’s baby, brother, introduced back in TMOS version 11.4 as an early access feature but released fully in version 11.5. Several articles on basic usage have been written on iControl REST (see the resources at the...

LogJams, DHE Parameters, and Other Obstacles to TLS Excellence

If you're presently volunteering to wear the hat of “SSL/TLS Vulnerability Manager”, then you’ve come to the realization that patching one vulnerability often raises others. In wake of revelations about mass surveillance, many of us moved...

LTM Policy Recipes

LTM Policy is the powerful and performant replacement to the HTTP Class, and first appeared in Big IP 11.4.0.   This is intended to be a short article showing some practical recipes using LTM Policy.  Please also check out another...

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VMworld2015 – Find F5

I show you how to find F5 Booth 1513 at #VMworld. In my 5th year covering VMworld, get a behind the scenes pre-show view of Moscone Center along with a sneak peek at some of the cool goodies F5 is giving away this week. ps Related: VMworld2015 – The Preview Video VMWorld Americas The Inside Scoop on VMworld 2015... SDDC: Balancing operational efficiency with stability and predictability F...

Presentation de la nouvelle offre F5 Silverline Web Application Firewall

Mon collègue Tewfik Megherbi a réalisé en janvier 2015 un article sur "Comment se protéger des cyberattaques DDOS ?" Il présente les diverses cyberattaques ainsi que les techniques d'exploitation utilisées telles que : - L'injection - Le Cross-Site Scripting - Le buffer Overflow - Le Cross-Site Request Forgery - Etc...

Networking is Still Networking, Integrating your F5 BIG-IP with VMware NSX

A constant question I get when talking with customers is how do I deploy my F5 BIG-IP alongside VMware NSX?  Simple answer:  The exact same way you would integrate with any other switch vendor in the market.  Today customers can install their BIG-IP into a physical network leveraging existing L2 or L3 infrastructures or a combination of both.  Often times you will find many...

VMworld2015 – The Preview Video

I give a preview of VMworld 2015 happening August 30 – Sept 3 in San Francisco. Along with the expected 23,000 attendees, F5 will be present in Booth 1513 to help you realize all the virtual possibilities of the Software Defined Data Center. ‘Ready for Any’ is the #VMworld theme for 2015 and F5 is ready for any of your questions about virtualization and cloud technologies. ps Related: VMWorl...

Programmability in the Network: Filtering Favicons

There’s really an unlimited number of ways in which programmability in the network (data path scripting) can solve problems, address risk, and simplify architectures. In the area of DevOps it can be used to facilitate continuous delivery (CD) initiatives by supporting the implementation of a variety of architectures like Blue/Green, Canary, and even A/B testing patterns. In the network, where...

Whiteboard Wednesday: TMM and Host OS Processing

In this edition of WhiteBoard Wednesday, Jason discusses the different ways in which TMM and the Host OS utilize resources, process traffic, and handle routing. Resources Management Interface Routing (9.x - 10.x) Management Interface Routing (11.x) Overview of BIG-IP TMM CPU and RAM usage (9.x) Overview of BIG-IP TMM CPU usage (10.x - 11.x) Base OS

Node.js ABC’s - M is for Modules

As any one who has created a software system can tell you, after some point you get to a point in time where putting all your code in one big location becomes unmanageable and leads to maintenance issues.  The logical first step is to try to separate code that is related into smaller distinct entities and "include" them in the project in question.  But, what happens if two...

HTTP/2 : quels sont les nouveautés et les gains ?

Depuis le 15 Mai 2015 - date de la ratification de la RFC 7540 - HTTP/2 est officiellement devenu le nouveau standard du Web.  Il faut dire qu’après 16 ans de bons et loyaux services remplis par HTTP1.1, cette mise à jour était très attendue pour répondre aux besoins du web d’aujourd’hui. En effet, les dernières tendances montraient un accroissement...

Our Five Senses on Sensors

Aristotle (384 - 322 BC) is credited as the first person to classify our five sense organs: sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing and Immanuel Kant, a famous philosopher from the 1700s said that our knowledge of the outside world depends on our modes of perception. Our highly developed organs of the eyes, ears, nose, tongue and the skin on your hand provide the sensing equipment necessary to...

“Phishing you say, well that’s not my problem.”

Yes, I heard this at a meeting with the CISO of a well-known establishment just the other day. This was a commonly held belief, just a few years ago, and by many that are now eating crow. When do you recognize that Phishing is ‘Your’ problem and could be a costly one at that to ignore?  Efforts to help customers and employees learn how to self-protect and not become victims of deception...

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