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RSA2015 – SSL Everywhere (feat Holmes)

F5 Worldwide Security Evangelist, David Holmes, talks about why the internet is going SSL Everywhere. He explains why there’s been a surge in encrypted traffic and reveals some interesting statistics from his ongoing research on the SSL protocol....

RSA 2015 - F5 BIG-IP, Cisco ASA and Cisco ACI Service Insertation Presentation

Come to RSA and check out the F5 booth at RSA this week.  We have a presentation and demo that goes over how F5 has teamed up with Cisco ACI and ASA to provide more secure and avaliable Applications using service integration. Come and check...

Optimizing the CVE-2015-1635 iRule

A couple days ago an iRule was published that mitigates Microsoft’s HTTP.sys vulnerability described in CVE-2015-1635 and MS15-034. It’s a short rule, but it features the dreaded regex. Every time I get the chance at user groups, conferences,...

F5 Synthesis: Delivering Web Application Security in the Cloud as a Service

Web application security. Everyone knows how important it is (and if they don't, they should) and yet the complexity of managing services that provide it often result in, shall we say, less than holistic coverage of applications. At least tha...

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DevOps 101 - Management

In my previous article on the history of DevOps, I outlined the following pillars of the DevOps methodology Management Integration Communication and information sharing Collaboration Automation Measurement The First Pillar In this article I'll touch on the first pillar of DevOps: Management.  Dictionary.com's definition for the term "management"...

BIG-IP SSL Cipher History

John Hall, the fuzz-master at F5, put together this handy spreadsheet showing the SSL cipher suite support sets for F5 BIG-IP software releases over the years. At the time of this writing, most BIG-IPs in the wild are somewhere between 11.2 and 11.4. But there are, and probably will always be, customers running versions as old as 10.2.4. The green arrows indicate support in the NATIVE SSL...

NFV is Emerging, but Here are 4 Key Challenges to Success

Nobody would argue that Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) has made significant progress in the past two and one half years. There are dozens of proof of concepts being run by operators in conjunction with vendors working together in communities and consortiums. Some service providers and vendors have announced that they have functional NFV architectures in their production networks. But,...

IoT Ready Infrastructure

IoT applications will come in all shapes and sizes but no matter the size, availability is paramount to support both customers and the business. The most basic high-availability architecture is the typical three-tier design. A pair of ADCs in the DMZ terminates the connection. They in turn intelligently distribute the client request to a pool (multiple) of IoT application servers which then...

Access Control in the New Mobile, Hybrid World

There is a brave new world dawning for the corporate world. There are many “new norms” – and a gold rush of new opportunities, but also new challenges with which they come – streaking like lightning throughout organizations. The workforce of today and into the future is, and will continue to be mobile. Consider that according to analyst IDC, 37 percent of the worldwide workforce will be...

Per-APP VPN AirWatch et F5 BIGIP APM

Avec un MDM (Mobile Device Manager), il est possible de pousser sur vos terminaux mobiles (iOS 7.x et Android 5.0 minimum) un profile de configuration VPN dit "Per-App VPN".  Un Per-App VPN est un VPN monté à la demande par une application sur le terminal mobile. Cela se rapproche du "On-Demand" à la différence que  seul le flux en sortie de...

Software is Eating IT

Software is eating the world. Everywhere you look there's an app for that. And I'm talking everywhere - including places and activities that maybe there shouldn't be an app for. No, I won't detail which those are. The Internet is your playground, I'm sure you can find examples.  The point is that software is eating not just the world of consumers, but the world of...

The Programmable Network CleverBox(TM)

This year F5 is one of the sponsors of the Velocity Conference (Santa Clara May 27-29 - see you there). Getting ready for these shows takes more work than you might think, especially for an organization like F5 who has software, hardware and ‘as a service’ offerings that have such a wide range of functionality. Sitting with our creative and marketing teams to work out how to talk about this is...

VBKlip Banking Trojan Goes Man-In-The-Browser

VBKlip Banking Trojan Goes Man-In-The-Browser   VBKlip malware was first introduced by Cert Polska back in 2013. It started out as a simple yet effective threat, targeting Polish on-line banking users. Its first reincarnation intercepted clipboard data. Once a user used the “copy-paste” Windows functionality, the malware changed the data being copied. It looked...

BIG-IP ASM brings home the gold at RSAC 2015

This year at RSA, all eyes were on F5 BIG-IP ASM.  In case you missed it, the F5 booth donned trophies from both NSS labs and SC Magazine – awards validating ASM's position as a market leading WAF technology.  SC Magazine awarded F5 it’s ‘Readers' Choice Award for Best Web Application Solution’.  NSS provided F5 a trophy for receiving the coveted “Recommended”...

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