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(From Beta Forum) Plug-in update - no known issues

Here is the newest version of the F5 BIG-IP LTM Grid Control plug-in. There are no known issues with this version, and I'll be running it through the certification process this weekend.




Source Link

If you installed the earlier beta version, you'll need to remove it to install this one. The basic steps to remove it are pretty much the opposite of the plug-in install:

1) Go to the home page of the agent that the old plug-in is attached to.

2) In the table of monitored targets, select the LTM the plug-in is monitoring, and then select the Remove (or Delete) button - can't remember the label.

3) Click the Home tab, and then the Set-up link above it on the upper right hand corner. For some reason, the Set Up link is disabled from the Agent page.

4) Click the Management Plug-ins link on the left margin, select the plug-in, and click the Undeploy icon. The undeploy process takes a few minutes.

5) Select the F5 plug-in checkbox, and press the Delete button.

If you didn't install the earlier version, just refer to the instructions in the other thread to install this one, again using the new link.

Once this is done, you can go through the steps in the other thread (using the link in this one for the jar file) to Import/Deploy/Add/Activate/See the new version. Note that the Reports tab on the BIG-IP home page rely on the repository, as opposed to the Metrics, which query the LTM. Once the BIG-IP is added in (and showing up - another note is that you need to be able to ping the BIG-IP host from the host that the agent is installed on) you can click the "All Metrics" link towards the bottom of the home page and view/force the different metrics to be run against the LTM.

I'm going to put another post together about the source zip, and extending the plug-in, as this is an entirely different beast.

As always, if you run into any problems, please post here.

Have fun!


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