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Cookie-Hash not working

Hi Team,
I am not sure if I need to post this "Help Request" here but I would really be very happy if someone could help me with what I am going through.

1. we have one IP resolving to 2 DNS, mvstg.nbcuni.com and secureaccessstaging.nbcumv.com
2. User access http://mvstg.nbcuni.com
3. Clicking on the login button on the http://mvstg.nbcuni.com page gives the user a pop-up page which is https://secureaccessstaging.nbcumv.com.

Issue noticed: On Step 3 when the user clicks the Login button on http://mvstg.nbcuni.com, a Pop-UP page loads https://secureaccessstaging.nbcumv.com page, but rather than giving the user a login page it loads the content of mvstg.nbcuni.com.
When the user closes the popup page and hits the Login button the second time he gets the login page.
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Answers to this Question

Hi Girish,

Can you clarify what you think the problem is? Do you think the issue is a result of a persistence failure?

Browsers will not send a cookie set by one domain to a different domain. This is a security feature built into all browsers. As the two hostnames are on different domains you cannot expect the client to receive a cookie from *.nbcuni.com and then send it on a request to *.nbcumv.com.

To test whether this is a persistence issue, can you change to source address persistence or disable all but one member in the pool?